Say Goodbye To All The People Who Broke Your Heart

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Goodbye to the lovers who didn’t love you back. The people you fell madly in love with. The ones you gave everything to. The ones you were in a relationship with, almost dated and loved from a distance. The ones who didn’t want to marry you, the ones who didn’t want to have kids with you.

Goodbye to them who can live life without you in it. The ones who made you feel that you will never be worthy of their reciprocated commitment, affection or love. The ones who judged you when you accepted them for who they are. Say hello to the one and only who will choose you today and every single day. The one who sees forever when they look at you. The one who feels confident, not fearful, excited, not disappointed, proud not guilty. The one who when you hold them, they feel blessed, lucky and loved not trapped. The one who will give you the love you deserve, the fairytale, the dream. The one who will run in your direction, the one who will run with you, beside you because the place on earth they want to be, is with you.

Goodbye to the family who didn’t love you back. The people who left you homeless when you had a home. The ones who are selfish, jealous, unkind; abusive. The ones you invested years in. The ones you gave money to when you had it the least and needed it the most. The ones you made sacrifices, the ones who use you, the ones who have no genuine intentions for you. Goodbye to them who drop you like a cannon ball. Goodbye to them who bully you and belittle your potential. The ones who will never change. Goodbye to them who are related to you only by blood. Welcome the real family to your life. The one you don’t share a last name with but have everything else in common with. The one who speaks your love language, who loves you the way you need to be loved. The one who believes in you, supports you and defends you.

Goodbye to the best friends who didn’t love you back. The people who weren’t there when you needed them the most while you were there for them day and night, 24/7. The ones who don’t celebrate your successes, accomplishments or your dreams. The ones who tell you they are too busy to meet-up. The ones who forget to call you, text you, or snap you back.

Goodbye to them who take you for granted. Goodbye to them who betrayed your trust. Goodbye to them who chose another relationship over you. Goodbye to them who let distance get in the way. The ones who don’t value your friendship. Befriend the people who are close to you like you are to them. The people you connect with, the ones you talk with, the ones you spend quality and boring time with. The people who make you feel wanted just for who you are. The ones who initiate and respond, the ones who have your back in your absence like they do in your presence. The ones you live moments with. The ones who stand against all odds to stand by you.

Goodbye to the people who make you feel dead, hello to the people who make you feel alive. Goodbye to those who take from you, hello to the people who give back to you. Goodbye to those who hurt you, hello to those who heal you. Goodbye to the ones who love themselves, hello to the ones who love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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