You Don’t Deserve An Almost Relationship, You Deserve Commitment

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You deserve a love that doesn’t leave. You deserve affection that doesn’t fade. You deserve conversation over arguments. You deserve arms that will hug you, pick you up and put you to bed. You deserve a hand that will show you the way when you can’t see one. You deserve someone who cherishes you more than they cherish their fears: fear of being hurt again, fear of change, fear of the unknown. You deserve random kisses, spontaneous ‘I love you’ unplanned quality time. You deserve a body that dances with you on the dance floor then rocks you in the bedroom. You deserve to be fought for today and every single day. You deserve to be someone’s too good to be true, someone’s blessing. You deserve to be the right person for someone, their forever person.

You deserve exclusivity. You deserve to be someone’s reason to leave the dating scene. You deserve to be someone’s number one. To be someone’s only one. And you deserve someone who loves just you, thinks about just you, dreams of a future with just you, and who wants just you. Because you are too worthy to settle for less than what you deserve. You’re too magical to be with someone who cannot fathom your magic. And you’re too extraordinary to be treated like you’re easy to find.

You deserve reciprocated investment. You deserve someone who cares for you like you care for them and who loves you just as much if not, even more. You deserve someone who puts effort in your connection and you deserve someone who goes out of their way to make you happy. And you, you deserve to feel that you’re on the same page with someone, that’s not just you who’s trying because love is a two-way street.

You deserve genuine intentions. You deserve someone who wants you for you not for your body, money, status or the idea of you. You deserve someone who will be there to celebrate your successes like they will be there during your darkest moments. You deserve someone who doesn’t lead you on, someone who doesn’t manipulate you or abuse you. You deserve to feel wanted, desired and accepted. You deserve to know that you are loved. And you deserve to be cared for, valued and protected.

You deserve commitment because a life committed to you means a life committed to goodness, to kindness and to truth. A life with you is a life of endless possibilities where love and freedom are best friends not enemies. And where commitment isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. The beginning of something magical. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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