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75+ Funny Words That Will Discombobulate You

Funny words are fun to say. This is a collection of funny words and their meanings. Drop them into your every day vocabulary and make everyday life a bit more fun. Add your favorite funny word in the comments!

Bumfuzzle — To confuse someone.

Lollygag — To dawdle or be overly slow.

Nudiustertian — The recent past (literally “the day before yesterday”).

Brouhaha — An overexcited response.

Batrachomyomachy — To make a mountain out of a molehill.

Cattywampus — Disorganized, when something is not arranged correctly.

Flibbertigibbet — A flakey, overly talkative person.

Quire — The leaves within a manuscript.

Absquatulate — To suddenly leave.

Billingsgate — Rough language filled with profanity.

Borborygm — A word for the noise your stomach makes when it rumbles.

Gardyloo — A warning shouted before water or waste is thrown from above.

Malarkey — Nonsense.

Ratoon — A sprout in a crop plant.

Comeuppance — A fate or punishment that someone deserves.

Boustrophedon — A kind of ancient writing that is written right to left and left to right in alternate lines.

Bowyang — A strap that holds pants up.

Pandiculation — The way your torso stretches when you are tired or yawning.

Yarborough — A weak hand in contract bridge.

Donnybrook — An uproarious argument.

Anencephalous — Absence of all or part of a brain.

Snickersnee — A large knife.

Sialoquent — Spraying saliva while speaking.

Xertz — To drink or eat quickly or greedily.

Nincompoop — A stupid, useless person.

Canoodle — To cuddle or get close to.

Godwottery — Overelaborate style of speech or gardening.

Gonzo — Far out journalism.

Cantankerous — Overly argumentative or uncooperative.

Widdershins — Counterclockwise.

Wabbit — A computing term related to a type of denial of service attack.

Cockamamie — Implausible.

Goombah — An older, protective friend or associate.

Hobbledehoy — A young, clumsy person.

Hocus-pocus — Nonsense or sleight of hand.

Codswallop — Nonsense.

Lickety-split — ASAP.

Mollycoddle — To treat someone in a pampered manner.

Mugwump — A person who is aloof or truly independent in political matters.

Collop — A slice of roasted meat.

Namby-pamby — A person lacking energy and courage.

Ornery — Crabby.

Pettifogger — An inferior lawyer with dubious practices.

Rigmarole — A long, rambling statement.

Collywobbles — Anxiety and stomach queasiness.

Shenanigan — A mischevious activity.

Skedaddle — Depart quickly.

Smellfungus — A habitual fault-finder.

Snool — To bully someone into submission.

Snollygoster — A shrewd, unprincipled person.

Zoanthropy — A person who believes they have transformed into an animal.

Crapulence — A light weight, someone who gets sick while drinking.

Doozy — Something outstanding, not normal.

Gubbins — The parts of fish that are generally thrown away and not consumed.

Erinaceous — Something that looks like a hedgehog.

Pauciloquent — Someone who doesn’t speak a lot, or is especially brief when they talk.

Fard — Excessively made up.

Fatuous — Silly and pointless.

Abibliophobia — The fear of running out of reading material.

Bibble — Software that converts raw images.

Bloviate — To talk in a lengthy, inflated manner.

Fuddy-duddy — A person who is old-fashioned or fussy.

Bumbershoot — An umbrella.

Impignorate — To pawn something.

Gobbledygook — Language that is so overly-technical and complicated it’s unintelligible.

Troglodyte — A person who lives in a cave.

Vomitory — An entrance or exit in a theater or ampitheater.

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This is me letting you go

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Let go now

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