17 Men On The Painfully Honest Way They Fell In Love With Their FWB

Brandon Woelfel
Brandon Woelfel

1. “We slept together once a week for about a year. After about 9 months I realized I had really deep feelings for her, at 12 months I confessed them to her. That was 7 years ago and now we are married with a two-year-old.”

2. “I was sleeping with other people, and I made that clear to her. I was in my ‘having fun’ stage and I wanted to rack up some numbers, as gross as that makes me sound. But when you meet someone who is fun and good in bed and a genuinely good person, you can’t just say goodbye to them. I didn’t know if I would meet someone like her again when I was ready, so I decided I was ready now and lucky she felt the same way.”

3. “I went it to it “knowing” it was going to be a short-term, casual thing. We met on Tinder where I specifically told her I was only looking for a fwb. I had gone through a really bad breakup a few months earlier and I definitely wasn’t read to jump in again, I just wanted someone to hook up with occasionally. We saw each other once or twice a month for a year, very casually, before things started really heating up. We were perfect together in and out of bed. It became clear that we should just be together. We actually talked and decided to become exclusive before we’d ever been on a date outside one of our apartments together!”

4. “After a few months we fell for each other but we also knew we were completely incompatible. We wanted different lives and it wasn’t fair to either of us to make it work so we broke it off.”

5. “I truly thought I didn’t deserve her and she’d never feel the same way about me, which is why I never pushed for anything beyond FWB. She was beautiful and successful and had a lot of friends, I was living with my parents and trying to get my life together. One day she told me she was seeing someone else and caught the hurt look in my eye. Confused, she pressed me about why I’d be hurt when I was the one keeping her at an arms distance. I realized how stupid I was being and told her how lucky I’d be if she wanted to be with me. We’ve been together ever since.”

6. “Maybe some people can sleep with someone consistently without falling for them, but I can’t. I was attracted with her enough to sleep with her, initially, and the more we started hanging out laughing in bed and talking, the more I liked her as a person. It just made sense that we’d start dating.”

7. “We got closer and closer the longer we knew each other. Sometimes we weren’t even having sex when we hung out anymore — and I was fine with that. We just gradually became a couple and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

8. “I fell for her and I knew she didn’t feel the same way. I kept sleeping with her which was a big mistake and I fell into a pretty bad depression. I understood why the expression is “breaking” your heart because I really felt, physically, that that’s what happened.”

9. “We said it was going to be just casual for both of us, but we’re engaged now. When it’s the right person, it’s the right person.”

10. “I fell in love with her very quickly, she wasn’t like my exes. There was something about those nights with her in my arms that made me open up to the possibility of being together. She had kind of entered into the agreement with that notion, so we started officially dating after just a month of trying to be casual.”

11. “I have a ‘failed’ fwb relationship in the sense that we are now married. We were good friends before we decided to start sleeping together with no promises or strings attached, but of course that only deepened our bond and brought us close together. We were inseparable soon after, that was 9 years ago.”

12. “About a year ago I met a promising girl on Tinder, but I was planning to move to another city within the next 6-months. It was a dream I had that I was about to act on, but my feelings for her made me stay. Even though we weren’t in love, it was the most loving, passionate sex I’d ever had. She makes me feel completely loved and cared for in and out of the bedroom. I don’t regret it at all, I’ve never been happier.”

13. “I was in a fwb situation with a girl I could have loved, but it was the wrong time for me and I told her that upfront. She fell, I didn’t (or at least, I was more rational about the fact that we didn’t have a future). It sucked for both of us and I’ll always have ‘what if…’ feelings about her.”

14. “I’d had a few FWB relationships before, but not like this. We always spent the night, it wasn’t a question. We cuddled like we were lovers. She was always touching me, even if we were just watching TV getting ready to wind down and go to bed together. The feeling of closeness we developed was intoxicating. After a few months I told her I had to be with her officially or walk away. Thankfully she agreed.”

15. “She didn’t want a relationship and I wanted her in any capacity I could have her, so I agreed to FWB even though I knew I would probably get hurt. I slept with her and pursued more for two years, but she never came around. I finally got the resolve to walk away, but it was almost a year before I stopped hurting over her.”

16. “I think FWB is actually the ideal way to start a relationship. It’s fun and casual and you quickly get to know who a person really is, not just the mask they put on to try to impress you. All three of my girlfriends started out as FWB including the girl I’m currently dating.”

17. “We called it FWB but right from the start it was more boyfriend/girlfriend, we just didn’t go on official dates. We’d spend weekends in bed together, cooking nice dinners, watching TV, and relaxing together. We loved each other’s company and missed the other person when they weren’t around. It got to the point where I couldn’t imagine waking up and not being able to text her, or not being able to go to sleep with my arms wrapped around her. It was stupid to not express more of this at the beginning, but it worked out because we’ve been together for three years and we’ve been talking about getting married.” TC mark

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