7 Reasons Women Who Love The Deepest Tend To Be The Hardest On Themselves

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

1. Their expectations are sky-high. Women who are capable of deep love know how good a relationship can be. They know how good it feels when two people who are fully capable of being open and loving get together — everything less than that feels like they’re missing the mark. A happy, harmonious relationship is their number one priority in life, so it hits them hard when that’s not (yet) reality.

2. They are fundamentally (too) generous. Women who love deeply are nurturing beyond belief. They are more concerned with exercising their ability to give love than keeping track of what they get in return. They hate keeping score so much that they can often wake up completely depleted because without paying attention, they’ve given all of themselves away. As hard as it is, they’ll still push themselves to give more, they’ll never accept the version of themselves that’s short or guarded as the person they want to be.

3. They tend to blame themselves. Loving deeply is a concurrent personality trait with being empathetic. When you can understand others motives with such high emotional intelligence, you think the onus should be on you to work around the other person. They confuse being able to understand someone with being able to give them everything they need.

4. They’re not willing to settle. There’s nothing more important to a woman who loves deeply than a solid relationship, and they can’t accept less than the very best. She’ll keep striving until she gets it.

5. They’re willing to forgive (too many times). A woman who loves deeply is going to find herself at the end of a bad relationship or two because she makes excuses on behalf of her beloved. She doesn’t do this because she’s dumb, she does it because she’s fiercely optimistic and can see the best in everyone. Still though, most relationships aren’t meant to last forever and the final break can feel like a personal attack on her positivity.

6. They’re slow to break up with the wrong person. They believe that love conquers all and so they stick it out far longer than they should in some relationships. At the end of the day, it takes two people to make a relationship work. No matter how much love they are capable of giving, it’s not always going to be enough.

7. They feel things hard. A woman who loves deeply feels deeply and when she feels bad about herself, she’s going to experience that feeling completely. She will never brush failure off without re-hashing it over and over. Her perfectionist instincts won’t let her move on until she’s figured out what she did wrong and how to do better next time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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