23 Signs You’ve Found The Person You’ll Never Stop Having Fun With


1. Staying in on a Saturday night and hanging with them sounds a thousand times more fun than going out.

2. You get super excited to do even small things with them, like putting together IKEA furniture or running to the dry cleaners.

3. You bring out the childhood versions of each other – whether that’s getting super silly and competitive during a board game or being in the car for long enough together that you start laughing at the most stupid things you can think of.

4. They’re your best friend for a lot of the fun reasons: you have a blast together, you go on adventures together, you love to do a lot of the same things.  

5. But they’re also your best friend for reasons unrelated to fun: you can talk about dark things together, you are no one but yourself around them, you are content together even in silence, and you feel that you can share the fears and insecurities with them that you’ve never felt comfortable sharing with anyone else.

6. They’re capable of making you laugh even through a text message.  

7. And they always send you the most perfect internet gems – as if they have a special radar for seeking out the gifs, memes, and screenshots that will make you actually LOL.

8. You know each other’s least favorite words (moist, gurgle, pustule) because these are the kinds of bizarre, hilarious conversations you have together on a daily basis.

9. Sometimes they feel like your therapist – in the sense that they make you feel totally normal and safe and light after you get things off your chest and hear their perspective.

10. Even when you argue, there’s often some point halfway through it that you both can’t help but laugh about something – before you continue and finish said argument.

11. Their weird little quirks and habits are some of your favorite things about them, and simply seeing them act like themselves can bring a smile to your face.

12. They can make you have fun no matter what, to the point where you know that even the most boring work event will be ten times better with them by your side.

13. They’ve become an expert at reading your mood, and always know exactly what to say if you’re having a really rough day.

14. Some of the hardest times you’ve ever laughed have been from simply laying in bed with them and talking.

15. They’re great at making you get off your ass and actually go to things that they know you’ll enjoy. And even though you complain the whole time about not wanting to go, you always end up having fun and getting out of your comfort zone just a little bit more.

16. Nothing makes you happier than the knowing eye contact you share with each other in the middle of an awkward social situation.

17. You know a ton of weird and random facts about one another’s childhoods: weird fears or obsessions, silly things you got grounded for (and all the things you got away with), nervous tics, bedtime routines. And with each new piece of information you learn, you find them even more amusing and more lovable than you did before.

18. They’ve helped you to learn how to laugh at yourself in ways you never thought possible.

19. You even feel a certain power over some of the insecurities that were once paralyzing to you, simply because they’ve helped you to enjoy the feeling of being able to make fun of yourself and not take yourself too seriously.

20. You can already imagine having as much fun with the 80-year-old version of them as you have with them now.

21. You know that you could share the most bizarre thought or idea in the world with them and they wouldn’t even judge you for a second.

22. You actually feel an intense intimacy when you act weird or silly together.

23. Underneath the laughs, the goofiness, and the jokes, you feel a total and complete sense of peace at the fact that you’ve found the person who understands you the most. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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