30 Of The Most Repulsive Cheating Stories You’ve Ever Read (And Won’t Be Able To Stop Reading)

via Flickr - Harsh Agrawal
via Flickr – Harsh Agrawal

1. Valentine’s Day

“A customer came in on Valentines day, bought a $50 teddy bear, roses, chocolates, the works. He was super excited.

Came in the next day to return them. He’d walked in on his girlfriend and another man.”


2. Incest Cheating

“Someone I know is getting a divorce because her husband is having an affair with his 13 year old cousin. Apparently the age thing isn’t as big a deal (legally) in their location as the incest thing, but the whole situation is all sorts of fucked up.”


3. Doing Amateur Porn

“I had a former coworker find out his wife was filming a lot of amateur porn being paid next to nothing after being married for a few years. He found out when he found one of her DVDs hidden in the house. He assumed it was a gift for his birthday in 2 weeks and watched it when she wasn’t around. When he confronted her, her only reply was she was doing it for him. He imploded after that and needed counseling for a few months after the divorce was finalized.”


4. Scumbag Dad

“Dad had an affair while working over seas. Tells mom a year later; makes her wait a week to tell the kids so we’re left wondering why mom is crying all the time. Dad promptly walks out right after the bomb is dropped leaving kids and wife devastated. Don’t hear from him for the next 4 months. Then proceeds to torment mother for the next year, making her believe they might salvage the relationship. Fast forward 3 years- brings woman from overseas and marries her in the courthouse without telling either of his children until 2 months afterwards. Meet my scumbag dad.”


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