The 25 Absolute Best And Worst Gifts You Could Ever Give A Man

11. Pay Attention To My Hobbies

CowJam’s Gift Ideas for Men:

Anything involving high voltage (tesla coil, nixie tubes, electric fly swatter, etc).

Any of the ‘adult’ (read: expensive) lego kits such as the taj mahal or the millennium falcon.

A blu-ray box set. They’re pretty cheap and I’ll enjoy them. I’ve just seen all of Heroes for £30.

Any blu-ray that has been released following the purchase of a box set. For example, Prometheus or the latest Batman film when it’s out.

Anything involving a hobby you know I enjoy. Try to avoid the ‘joke’ products surrounding the hobby (especially golf). I’d rather have something small but decent than large and shit.

Vouchers are fine as long as they’re for non-sensible shops. If you’re getting me a voucher make sure it’s for the likes of, firebox, etc and not debenhams.

12. Request Charity

Does anyone else wish they could not get gifts? Every year people ask me what I want, every year I tell them nothing, and every year people treat me like a stick in the mud. But for real, I just don’t want stuff from people. I like spending time with family, Christmas dinner, all that jazz… but really wish I could skip the mutual obligatory exchange of similarly priced goods

Edit: some great suggestions below:

Ask for donations to your favorite charity / kickstarter.

Ask for gifts that involve spending time together (group events, etc).

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