5 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Spirituality

Spiritual addiction can sometimes be part of our journey as we ascend into higher states of consciousness. It’s important to achieve a state of balance when it comes to spiritual practices and experiences. The spiritual world can be enticing to get caught up in as an escape, but the real world can be just as fun.

Here are five signs to look out for that show you might be addicted to the spiritual world.

1. You watch tarot videos on YouTube nonstop.

I don’t judge people who partake in this, and I definitely watch StarGirl the Practical Witch whenever she comes out with a new video. However, when I was really high up there in my spiritual addiction, I couldn’t stop watching tarot. I was obsessed with it and would watch different readers over and over again. Now that I am more grounded, I seek these videos out with little frequency.

2. You talk or think about everyone in terms of what their astrological sign is.

This is another thing I did when I was getting way too into spirituality. I would have to know everyone’s astrological sign as soon as I met them and started to think of the world and people I knew in those terms. It helped me gain some insight, clarity, and understanding about myself and those around me, but it definitely became an obsession when it was the first thing I wanted to ask a person when I met them.

3. You are obsessed with the idea of a twin flame.

The twin flame will help you heal from trauma and codependency, but thinking about it all the time will keep you very ungrounded from reality. This is something I also went through during my journey. It might be part of the process, but try to disconnect from it and spend more time with people who can support you in your reality.

4. You love everyone.

In the real world, some people suck. We don’t have to love everyone, as spiritual teachers might say. We don’t have to be nice to everyone. Some people really get on our last nerve or perturb us in some way. We don’t have to get along with everyone, even if we technically are all one collective.

5. You don’t have a source of self-sufficient income but you are on a spiritual journey instead.

This happened to me, and it was certainly necessary for my own spiritual growth. Life is not all about making money. However, having a job or source of income is very grounding and can connect us back to reality. Make sure you are getting the support that you need when you go through a spiritual awakening, like seeking counseling and therapy from the right people who can understand what you are going through.