10 Real Men Talk About What It’s Like Having An Extremely Small Penis



My penis is about 2.5″ erect. I’ve never told anyone about it. I don’t want anyone to know. They will think that I am less of a man. At the very least they will pity me, which is even worse.

I’m not overweight or anything like that, it’s just the way it is. I’m a virgin, never done anything with a girl. I’m average in terms of looks. I’m short but girls show interest occasionally/rarely. I’m scared to do anything. I’m 19 and in college, so everyone around me is having sex all the time and I have to just feign laughter as guys tell me that they “fucked this really hot girl last night.” It’s great. I’ve known that my penis was small since I was 13/14, but I assumed that it would grow eventually. It didn’t.

I’ve read just about every single article, study and forum post about micropenises and the consensus is that women don’t get pleasure from penetrative sex at all. In movies you see the two main characters get together and it’s very romantic, they kiss and start to have sex, they’re both moaning and loving it. It seriously breaks my heart to know that I’ll never be able to give a woman that experience. I know that I can learn to give cunnilingus (and I’ve read a lot on the topic), but it’s just not the same. Women talk about being “filled up” like its the most amazing feeling in the world. It hurts to know that I can’t provide that feeling.

I hate it so much. The thought of a woman laughing at me when the clothes come off is terrifying. Very few women would accept a man with a micropenis and even if there was a woman who could she would always think about a guy who was larger. Penetrative sex is off the table so she would probably seek it elsewhere. I know I probably sound like a whiny little bitch, and I most likely am, but it just really fucking sucks.


I don’t have a love life… That’s how my micropenis effects my life.

I guess I just resigned myself when I learned it would never get bigger. So, now I just “pretend” I’m asexual and worry about other things. I actually got into spirituality/Taoism/Buddhism and now I’m thinking about chaste living and such. There are other things to do besides sex.

I should mention, though, that I still masturbate to porn. So, I’m not asexual, no matter how I present myself in life.


I have a 3″ penis. In my experience, it is a dealbreaker for most women. I’ve had a couple good experiences but it’s really tough.


I bottom with guys so it’s all good there. You have to avoid the size queens. Some guys really like it but gay sex dynamics are a whole other ballpark.

With women I’ve got oral down to where I like to give her half a dozen or more orgasms if she’s game. I feel like I need to over compensate but I also love having my partner cum. Some women aren’t multiorgasmic from clitoral stimulation so then it’s a matter of seeing what else she’s into-gspot, anal, fornix, cervix, urethra-whatever she likes simulated. You have to be creative with toys. And there’s the romantic/psychological side of sex to attend to, which can make mediocre sex into great sex. There are strap on’s if we want to penetrate (her or me, haha). If I had a regular size wang I would probably be ignorant about pleasing women.

Yeah, I do want a bigger dick but it’s more for me than my sex life. I like my dick. We’ve made a lot of good memories together. For several reasons I’m going to get a surgery at some point.


My family and a few close friends know that I am depressed. But nobody knows the reason why. The truth is that I pretty much gave up on life because I have a small penis. I know that it sounds absurd. And I know that there are many people out there worse off than me, with terrible illnesses and disabilities etc. But I just can’t shake these feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing.

I was bullied in high school after some guys saw how under endowed I was in the locker room. It took me a long time to try dating after that because I was so insecure about my size. And my worst fears were realized when the first women I was about to have sex with rejected me because I was too small for her. I probably would of given up on dating for life then, but a couple of years later a woman pursued me persistently, and I eventually gave in. But her first reaction to seeing my penis was laughter. It has been many years since, and I will never seek a romantic relationship again. I will die a virgin.


I’m 28, single and have been feeling insecure about the size of my penis since I hit puberty.

Since my teenage years I avoided dating girls, and when I did I would make sure that they were abstaining from sex so that they wouldn’t see my shame. I eventually did have sex with girls in my university years, but even then I felt completely insecure and sex was never fun for me even though my gf’s never said anything negative to me. I always thought they would snicker about my small penis behind my back. It doesn’t sound that serious but I was terrified of getting naked in front of women.

I would avoid playing team sports because I was afraid the other guys would mock me in the shower, and spread gossip to the girls I knew. I’m straight so I don’t know why I was so concerned what guys thought.

The worst part though was that I couldn’t look at my own penis without hating myself. I’m not a never nude or anything like that, but I would just avoid eye contact with my one-eyed monster. Even when I would have a wank I would just close my eyes, or focus on the porn on the screen.

I’m 28 now and haven’t had a relationship with a woman since I was 22 because of the anxiety and insecurity caused by my small wang. I wasted a lot of time doing stupid penis exercises that did nothing but make insignificant gains, and give me carpel tunnel. I wasted a lot of money on things like pumps and other devices but those didn’t do anything to ease my mind.

After all of these years wasted I think I’ve had some kind of epiphany and now I feel much better about myself. Cutting down on porn probably has to do with it. I can’t really explain the sudden change but I feel like now I enjoy looking at my own dong now. I kind of feel like I need to apologize to junior for neglecting him all of these years. My next step is to find a girlfriend but that’s another story.


I have a small dick. It kills me inside and I don’t know how to fix it. It makes me sad. I’ve gotten a ton of handy j’s in my time but apparently so one has noticed, which I seriously doubt. Its not very thick as well, although I don’t really know what thick is.

I cringe for the day I finally fuck or get a blowjob. I don’t know how they would go due to my size and sometimes I think I should just stick to wacking it for the rest of my life.


I have a small penis and it really is that bad to have one but what really gets me annoyed is when I read people (particularly women) say stuff like “size doesn’t matter” “it’s how you use it” “we don’t care” and that annoys me because it invalidates my feelings over the issue and they don’t know what it’s like it to go through this. Now, I’m not on some anti-woman crusade at all I just need to set some things straight.

Firstly, it affects me in a non sexual way. I have to sit down when I take a piss because I’ll end up dribbling piss all over myself if I don’t. That’s highly embarrassing. Have you seen a men’s toilet at a bar or a club or any kinds of public venue? They are severe bioterrorism zones! It’s impossible for me to relieve myself in these situations. I can only wear dark pants so if I do piss on myself at least you can’t see it, you can probably smell it unfortunately. So size does matter there.

Now when it comes to sex of course it matters! I can’t even perform basic positions because my dick isn’t big enough. Something as simple as doggystyle is not possible for me. So the whole “it’s how you use it” isn’t relatable at all. Then in pretty much any other position it pops out so no amount of rhythm can be built up and sexual pleasure on her end doesn’t exist. It’s not manly to have a thumb tack for a sexual organ.

What annoys me is this failure for women to attempt to understand what it’s like being inadequate as a man, what it’s like to be a so called man but not even being a man. “We don’t care stop talking about it” I don’t care that you don’t care because I care! I’m the one who has to live with it! I’m the one who can never be comfortable. I’m the one who can never jump over the mental hurdle of being an inferior male. It doesn’t matter how many times you say “size doesn’t matter” I’m the one who sees it in a mirror and realise that size matters. So stop getting angry at us guys who worry about it without even attempting to understand it. I’m not a man because my dick is the size of a thumb so don’t piss in my pocket and tell me it’s raining with the size doesn’t matter stuff please.


I became aware of my small penis around age 11. My sister had pulled away my towel while walking back from the shower. Her friends were there and saw my junk. They were relentless. For years that’s all I heard when they were over. I became bitter. I even hated the idea of sex because it would make me vulnerable. I started to fight a lot because I needed to assert my dominance because of how emasculated I felt. Know that annoying guy that will correct you if you say one thing wrong? That’s me. Asserting my knowledge so you think I have more worth. Or so I thought. Turns out it just makes me look like an asshole. It’s no wonder I have no friends at all. I avoided asking out any girl I found attractive. And when I had my first relationship I let it interfere with that. She put up with my insecurity like a champ for 3 years, but I never believed her. I thought I couldn’t please her. And when we did have sex, all i could think about was how disappointing it must be for her. She loved sex and I started to hate it because of my stupid mindset. We broke up and now it’s my biggest regret.

Ads like Extenze don’t help either. Or smiling fucking bob. Fuck you bob. Every time I turn on the TV I’m bombarded with the fact that women don’t want a guy with a small penis and it makes me feel worthless. Beyond worthless. Plus my best friend and all of his girlfriends constantly talk about his junk. Like I want to know that.

I’m so fucking resentful and scared all the time because of it.

The bright side is it’s because of my weight. Fat guys have a layer of fat around the base of their dick that covers the bottom of the shaft. So my dick might actually be 6 or 7 inches hard, but because of the fat I top out at about 4. I’m on my way to losing it and god dammit I cant wait to not be afraid. I want to have sex. Real sex. Passionate sex where I don’t have to worry about pleasing her because I know I can do it. And I want to be able to actually wear a condom. Because of how short my dick is, it slips off after a few “thrusts”. That’s in quotes because how can you thrust something in that’s only 4 inches long? More like poking.

That was way longer than I expected it to be. But I’ve never told a single person how bad my insecurity is. Sure my ex kind of knew, but not to this extent. I loathe myself. I love my personality, most of the time I’m quirky and silly, and I have fun. I love my mind. I like to consider myself smart. But it still doesn’t make up for the thing I desire most. I really need to lose this weight.


My penis size does bother me quite alot and I think about it almost daily. I haven’t considered talking to a professional or joining a support group as I’m too shy to talk about it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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