16 Women Reveal What It’s Like Having Sex With A Micropenis

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1. “I love him, but it’s hard…”

I feel terrible. I love this guy and he does everything he can for me. He’s the perfect partner in almost every way. Unfortunately, his penis is abnormally small, 3 inches erect. I was disappointed at first, but I really thought I could work with it. We’ve been together 6 months now and I’ve never had an orgasm from penetration.

He does other things to make up for it, but as time goes on, it’s getting tiring. We’ve tried everything from extended oral to toys and every position imaginable. I miss the ease and closeness of sex I’ve had with past partners. I love him but I’m finding it difficult. I feel mean and shallow for having these thoughts.

2. “It wasn’t satisfying”

I dated a guy for awhile after a long time of flirting. He was extremely attractive to me, both physically and mentally. We got along fantastic and he always used to joke about having a small penis. I always thought, well it can’t be that small. Well it was. I’m talking like…maybe 2 inches long and 1 inch wide while fully erect.

I stuck with him for awhile and while he was good at other things, it just got to the point that it wasn’t satisfying. I felt bad and let the relationship go on longer than I probably should have, getting to the point of dreading sex, but I kind of felt like a shit at the same time because everything else was wonderful and it wasn’t his fault he was born that way.

3. “It wasn’t pleasing to look at”

Dated a guy with a micro-penis. I went to give him head and it was like the length of my pinky. It was kinda dark so I thought “okay he needs to be warmed up a bit.” But it was already hard when I touched it. I couldn’t do it. I just…its not that it wouldn’t have worked or anything because I’ve heard it can be pleasurable. But it wasn’t pleasing to look at.

4. “I hate that my boyfriend has a small penis”

I know that as a woman I’m not allowed to say anything like this, but I can’t not say it anymore. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year (we celebrated our anniversary 2 weeks ago, actually). Other than our sex life, we have a great relationship. We like the same things, he makes me laugh, he’s a great guy. All around, we are perfect together.

The problem is that in the time we’ve been together, I feel like I haven’t had sex once. I can barely feel him when we are together. He goes down on me all the time and we use toys a lot, but it’s just not the same. In the past, I guess I was blessed with guys who were ‘well hung’ and I could orgasm from just having sex. I miss that. We’re so great together, this just isn’t fair. It’s so frustrating.

5. “I broke up with my boyfriend over his cock”

He was tiny. Like four inches long and 1 inch in diameter. I’ve never seen such a small dick in my life. He was a nice guy but I just couldn’t do it. When we first had sex and he pulled it out I wanted to leave but I felt bad. I gave him a handjob and it was so awkward… He kept trying to talk dirty and saying stuff like “You love my cock don’t you?” And I ended up laughing at him.

I told him I just wasn’t into dirty talk which was a complete lie. I broke up with him a couple weeks ago and I feel so much better not having to deal with him. I told him we just weren’t compatible but I think he knew why I broke up with him since I kept saying no to sex with him.

6. “I know penetration isn’t everything…but…”

Several years ago, I went on a date with a guy who I met on OKCupid, and it went pretty well. We went back to his place and started fooling around, and I soon discovered that he had a micropenis. I was turned off, but felt like it would be mean to stop because of that so we went ahead and had sex, though I couldn’t feel anything.

I didn’t see him again after that… told him that I just didn’t feel like we had good chemistry. It was a very awkward situation all around. I know that penetration isn’t everything, but I personally like it a lot and don’t feel like I could have a satisfying sex life with someone who has a micropenis.

7. “I’d never pass judgment”

I have quite a bit of experience in this area. Not boyfriends though – but sexual partners.

One of the guys was pretty good in bed… he made up for his lack of size in many other different ways … he was great with his tongue, fingers, adept at using toys.

The other one was pretty abysmal however, I think that was down to the fact that he had much less interest in sex and being good at sex though. He could have been as good as the other guy, he just didn’t educate himself.

I’m a pretty firm believer that size doesn’t matter and that it is purely down to the individuals interest in sex and willingness to learn. I mean, even a guy with a huge penis has to get good at using it and not hurting the person he’s with. We’re all born with different physical attributes – and it’s down to the individual how they make the best of that. I’ve been with guys of all different shapes and sizes and some of the guys with massive wangs have been some of my worst sexual experiences, some of the guys with smaller bits have been some of my best.

I’d never pass judgement on someone because of their size though – they might be great in bed or they might be rubbish… same as a guy with an average cock or a huge cock.

8. “The size didn’t matter”

I’ve been with lots of guys. A few of them had extremely tiny penises (like micropenis status), and I ended things with them for entirely different reasons. One was an asshole and the other just a really weird person who I couldn’t connect with on any level. That being said, I definitely would have been willing to work around the small penis if I really felt a connection with either of them. But the fact that I didn’t, along with the tiny penis, was a deal breaker for me.

9. “His penis wasn’t the dealbreaker…”

I’ll never forget this one guy I was involved with. He was in law school and extremely hot. Worked out a lot and what did it for me was that he could easily pick me up and maneuver me around and stuff.

Then I found out he had a 2″ penis. I’m pretty small down there (I think 5″ in huge inside me. Much more and it’s too painful.) so it wasn’t a deal breaker. The deal breaker was that he came the instant he was inside me. Then he tried to use the excuse that….a condom actually made him cum faster and would try to insist that we try without a condom (yeah, no).

I would have been willing to work more at the sex, but things ended because he was really a douchebag. I used to have these terrible thoughts, “How can a guy with such a small penis be SUCH an asshole?”

And in my experience, guys with actual big dicks, tend to be way less-assholeish and smaller-penis guys try to make up for it in douchebaggery or something. I dunno…but somewhere the wires get crossed.

10. “I’m very in love with him, but he can’t sexually please me”

I’m [24f] in love with my boyfriend [26m] of 3 years, but everyone I talk to says I should leave him.

I’ll start by saying I’m very in love with him. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and the thought of not being with him makes me feel sick. Things are great outside of the bedroom, but there’s only one problem, he can’t sexually please me.

I can only orgasm from PIV. (Weird I know, for me its the feeling of skin against skin and feeling full )

Fingering, oral, and clitoral stimulation are great, but I can’t orgasm that way, even alone w/ a dildo. Needless to say, I haven’t had an orgasm in over 3 years and it’s tearing me apart.

He has a micropenis (barely 2″ erect) and when we try doggy or me on top (the only way he can be inside me) I don’t feel anything at all.

I’ve brought up using a hollow strap on but he feels like it degrades him. He’s an otherwise confident guy, great looks, athletic, good career, but extremely sensitive about his size. I don’t want to hurt him and even bringing it up in the context of trying things that might work agitate him.

He’s decent at oral and fingering, but I can’t cum from that alone. While he orgasms every time we have sex, not being able to do so bothers me even though it’s not his fault or something he can change.

A friend suggested asking him is we could have an open relationship, but he’s kind of an emotional guy and I think he’d see that as a “you’re not good enough/ I don’t love you” type of thing.

I’m open to ANY suggestions you may have. I know that sexual incompatibility could be the issue here, but I would be devastated to lose him and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself over the damage it would cause him if I said “your penis is too small for me to stay with you” (even nicely).

11. “Some of the best sex”

Some of the best sex I had was with a guy who had two inches to work with. He made me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet, and the foreplay was astronomical. For a lot of girls, the psychological aspects of sexual arousal are more important than the physical aspects :)

12. “Penis size doesn’t mean anything”

The best endowed guy I’ve ever banged is also the hands down worst partner I’ve ever been with. (And yeah, he got more than one ‘chance’ to prove otherwise… Egh. Bad memories!). This guy is the only guy I know who consistently gets nothing but terrible reviews from all the women who’ve been unlucky enough to swing with him in our little circle.

Sure, his dick was big, but his technique was terrible, he refused to try anything to improve, and every single person I know who banged him reported feeling kinda weird, dirty, used afterwards …and not in the sexy way :(

On the opposite end I’ve had a lot of fun with guys who were suffering from whiskey dick, had smaller penises who knew how to make for a good time using more than just a penis alone. Some guys seem to think using only penis alone to get their partner off is some kind of point of pride, but it’s way less fun if you hold yourself back like that! Seriously penis length basically doesn’t mean anything if you know what you’re doing :)

13. “Terrible disaster”

I had a brief high school fling with a guy that has a micropenis. We tried to have sex (first time) in his car and it was a terrible disaster. There were problems with penetration (there was none), the condom didn’t fit on his member, and when we gave up and I went down on him, he just kept apologizing that he was so small. I honestly felt bad for him- not about his penis, I felt bad that he was embarrassed. He was and still is a really nice guy. Honestly . . . rock the small dick’s guys. Someone will love it . . . just don’t do it in a car.

14. “I enjoy small”

I’ve slept with two people who were about 2.5-3in erect. Not sure if that’s micro. I really enjoyed both. I have a kind of short cervix and always worry about it hurting if it’s bigger. Was kind of teasing with just that length. My SO has a huge penis and I’d rather it was much smaller.

15. “Less than a roll of dimes”

I’m a gay dude who dated a guy who I’m almost positive had one. I’ve seen a good deal of dicks in my life so it was kind of shocking to see one that was so…tiny. You know those rolls of change in a cash register? It was less than a change roll of dimes at full hardness.

I tried to pretend like it didn’t bother me. Deepthroating was a cakewalk, but riding it or jerking it off was so lackluster. It’s just not a lot to work with as far as volume and surface area go. He was a great guy and I really really liked him, but having little to no sensation from sex was really unfulfilling. Also he wasn’t willing to bottom ever, so it left us with very few options. It ended up not working out. I felt terrible about it, but that’s the reality of it.

16. “Hot guy, great personality, small dick.”

Recently started dating a super hot guy with a great personality . Took it to the bedroom and he pulled out a micro pencil dick. Now idc about size so we went at it .

First a blow job that was so easy it wasn’t even enjoyable for me. I really really love giving head , having my throat stuffed, gagging and swallowing cum…. But this was just horrible. It was like sucking a straw.

Okay whatever let’s get straight to sex. He couldn’t even go in my pussy hole.

Granted I am tight and haven’t fucked a lot (13 times) so he couldn’t find the hole and just started fucking my pussy lips and kept swearing to me it was in. It wasn’t lol. I kept telling him where my hole was and showing him with my finger and his dick was so thin it couldn’t go but he continued to hot dog my pussy………so I’m like okay I got this! I tried to ride him but it was like inserting a tampon and by this point I’m bored.

We tried doggy and he couldn’t reach so he just put his dick in my ass cheeks (it couldn’t reach my asshole) he came twice and was upset I didn’t squirt .

Worst sex of my life and I’ve been with an extremely dominating self pleaser who cared nothing about me.

Now I’m gonna be honest I dumped him the next day. He walked away so cocky and like he just gave me the most pleasure.. When he couldn’t even fuck my hole when I was dripping wet. I’ve always believed it’s not the size of the boat.. But the motion of the ocean. I’ve even heard micros were the best lovers…

He was a nice guy. His micro pencil dick didn’t alter my view of him….But after that I wasn’t attracted to him at all. His dick was so little and he thought he was a God send. It killed the vibes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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