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Dr. Margaret Paul

How To Love Yourself During Your Low Points

It’s one thing to be loving to yourself when things are going well and you feel centered and peaceful inside. It’s quite another to love yourself when you feel panicked and freaked out.

Choose Yourself: Why Self-Love Heals Anxiety

Anxiety is often the way our inner child lets us know that we are abandoning ourselves rather than loving ourselves. There are a number of major causes of anxiety, and all of them are related to various forms of self-abandonment.

What Happens When You Accept Yourself As A Highly Sensitive Person

Loving yourself with high sensitivity means that you learn to deeply value your ability to perceive subtle energies – both positive and negative. It means that you deeply value your perception of people’s feelings and moods. It means that you deeply value your rich inner life, and how profoundly you are affected by art or music, and by the environment you are in.