How It Feels To Be An Old Soul In The Modern Dating Era

How It Feels To Be An Old Soul In The Modern Dating Era

This generation has either absolutely lost its meaning for the true essence of love or is on the verge of losing it completely.

We live in a world where courage is defined as hardening your heart rather than giving a damn about people.

Where being vulnerable and being clingy to someone is a sign of weakness.

Where asking someone for a ‘Netflix and chill’ date is the new thing for romance.

Where technology was supposed to make communication easier, and yet it’s destroying the very essence of communication and romance.

Where people are scared of confrontation and commitment altogether.

Where you fit in if you have the mindset of people in the generation of modern hookups, one night stands and not letting yourself get attached to anything.

Where the most important rule is to never let someone a priority and it’s game over whoever catches feelings first.

This is how our generation views love today. It’s a generation that wants to appear strong by not caring about anything when it’s the opposite—it makes you look more fearful. It’s a defense mechanism for everyone scared of commitment and intimacy.

After all, why shouldn’t you be scared to open up yourself and all of your baggage to someone that might destroy your heart?

We’ve got it all wrong. Falling in love has never been about games and who has more power and control. That’s what falling in love is—having the courage to give up control and be vulnerable with someone you choose to open your heart to.

It’s a generation where we absolutely forgot the real essence of romance. Romance used to be handwritten letters and roses. It used to be going the extra mile just to see someone and be with someone. It used to be a generation without video calls, without Messenger as the main means of communication. It’s a generation made easy with convenience and having communication with one click of a button. Effort has never been made as easy as it is today.

To be a hopeless romantic in a world of modern hookups takes the greatest courage of all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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