I Finally Solved The Mystery Of My Childhood Friend’s Creepy Doll Collection

He pointed toward a doll with stringy, grey hair.

I stumbled backwards. That is when my senses finally returned to me. I turned around and began to rush toward the stairs. Edgar called out to me.

“Jack!!! It’s the damndest thing. I couldn’t believe it at first, but lately, they keep getting out. And they are not happy. I think they know why they’re here and they want something… They want revenge… on me… on anyo-” I no longer heard what he was saying as I had already escaped his house and made a beeline for my car. I peeled out, pulled out my phone, and dialed the police.

The scratchy voice shatters the darkness.

“He’s been bad. He’s been a very bad little man.”

The tiny hand grasps onto my leg. I scour the darkness for the source of this intrusion into my bedroom. I recoil in horror as my eyes finally rest on the tiny face. They are drawn to the frown set below the beady, plastic eyes. As those two icy circles turn and stare into me, I hold my breath and pray that this nightmare will finally come to an end.

“And you’ve been a bad little man too.”

True horror sets in when I realize I’m asleep no longer, and the doll continues to crawl up my leg. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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