I Finally Solved The Mystery Of My Childhood Friend’s Creepy Doll Collection

A late night gaming session led to Edgar crashing on one of the couches. I wanted to switch games and made my way to the closet. It was pitch black in that corner of the room. I stumbled my way over and opened the door. I turned on the light and jumped backwards. Mr. Checks still sat in his “prison” (that’s how I came to envision his current situation at the time). Its eyes were trained on me. The slight smile beneath them sent shivers down my spine. I didn’t have Edgar’s oddly calming voice to tell me that this wasn’t something to be concerned about. I reached for a game with my back to the doll. I turned around quickly and saw those same dead eyes watching my every movement. It was in the exact same position that it had been weeks prior. But the way the light hit the rusty red chains and the enigma of his imprisonment began to get to me (I told myself that I would definitely inquire more about him in the morning). I inched towards him. Reflexively, I grabbed the dolls head and turned it away from me. This brought some relief.

That is until I finally noticed it. Mr. Checks was not alone. My heart lept into my throat.

Another doll, this time a woman, was in the opposite corner of the closet. She was just as unremarkable as Checks. Just a generic doll of a lady in a summer dress. She was chained as well to a small chair. Her eyes stared daggers into me. I quickly backed out of the closet. I kept the light on and periodically would look towards the illuminated closet.

I could swear I heard chains rattle at one point in the night. Even now, I try and tell myself it was all a dream.

I woke up to a voice screaming my name. Hands shook me violently. I opened my eyes to see Edgar standing over me with an aggressive yet vacant look on his face.

“Jack! Get up!!! Time for breakfast!!!”

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