Chris Watts’ Parents Tried To Collect $450k In Insurance Money From Shanann’s Murder

Chris Watts had a $450k life insurance policy through his employer that would pay out in the event of an untimely death. The sum consists of $300,000 for Shanann and $75,000 for each of the girls. No mention was made of Shanann’s unborn son.

Typically, life insurance policies will not be paid for suicide or if one spouse murders the other. Any fan of Forensic Files know the lengths some people will go to to get away with murder in order to collect insurance money. It’s not something that only happens in made for TV movies, and some people even think the Watts family murders were part of a larger insurance scheme so that Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger could collect a lump sum and start a new life together.

Chris Watts’ parents (Cindy and Ronnie Watts) tried to collect the money that only exists in the first place because their son murdered his entire family.

Chris Watts has rightfully left the money untouched in Shanann’s estate. Both Shanann’s parents and Chris’ parents then went to court to fight for the money. In the end the money was given to lawyers to distribute, but where it went is not a matter of public record and neither family has commented.

Pretty fucked up that parents can profit off of their children’s crimes, especially if it turns out they give that money back to Chris by funding his prison commissary. This is supposed to be the exact thing that the Slayer Rule and Son of Sam laws are in place to prevent. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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