A TikToker Thinks She Found Security Footage Of Nichol Kessinger At The Watts Family Murders

The more I dig into this theory that Chris Watts’ mistress Nichol Kessinger was more involved in the Watts family murders than we think, the more it seems like a VERY REASONABLE thing to believe. I made a list of reasons why here. Basically, law enforcement found that Nichol had been Googling Chris and Shannon for almost a year before they met. She was a safety officer who worked for her father’s company, a contractor to Anadarko Petroleum where Chris Watts was employed. There is reason to believe she may have been planning to commit insurance fraud and after meeting Chris, her plans evolved to include getting rid of his family so they could collect insurance money and ride off into the sunset together.

If you’ve seen the footage of Chris Watts failing his polygraph, you can see that he flops over and confesses suspiciously easily. If someone is a sociopath, they have high regard for themselves and generally think law enforcement is too stupid to catch them. Chris Watts has never acted like he thinks he won’t get caught. If he doesn’t have the personality of a sociopath, what explanation is there for him single-handedly murdering his pregnant wife and children? If he’s a regular man who snapped, wouldn’t he have described the murders as more chaotic and rage driven?

But one of the most damning things I’ve come across is this analysis of the Watts’ front door security camera from TikTok user @alexerickson11. In the footage, you can clearly see a person who is not Chris Watts present at the home. It’s definitely too low quality to say whether the other person is Nichol Kessinger, but she is a likely candidate and fits the general shape. Especially convincing is the comparison of the purse Nichol wears around the time of the murders and one it looks like the person in the security footage is wearing:


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Here is the footage by itself:

It should be known that Nichol doesn’t really have an alibi. The morning of the murders, her phone pinged a tower in Frederick, CO. Kessinger lived in another town which was a 25 minute drive from Frederick.

This case is officially closed and no one has investigated anything since Chris Watts confessed less than two days after the murders. I don’t think anyone thinks two days is enough time to close out a case and ensure justice will be properly served. Nichol Kessinger has changed her name and disappeared from public. life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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