Chris Watts Allegedly Has Contracted Coronavirus

In a call to a friend on the outside, an inmate at Dodge Correctional Institute in Waupun, Wisconsin has reported that fellow inmate Chris Watts has contracted Coronavirus. Watts is serving five life sentences at the maximum-security prison for murdering his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, along with their two little girls Bella and Celeste. The inmate said most of the prison has it, including everyone in Watts’ unit. The state’s website reports 505 positive Covid tests at the facility out of a population of 1500.

The buried lede in the call is that Chris Watt’s prison nickname is “the meat man”. The name has nothing to do with his murderous past, it was given to him for being given a job butchering meats to be used in the institutional meals served at the facility.

The state of Wisconsin tracks Covid-19 cases among staff and “persons in our care” in their department of corrections, and you can see the cases at Dodge are currently the highest in the state. The same website states that due to privacy concerns and HIPAA laws, they do not discuss individual patient health information, but currently Dodge has 245 Covid-19 cases that both tested positive and are actively ill. They state they are providing hot water, soap, and sanitizer for people in their care. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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