7 Reasons Whiskey Drinkers Are The Happiest People To Be Around


1. Whiskey is a laid back drink. It’s not a beverage for high-maintenance people, it’s not showy — frankly, it doesn’t even look that good. But that’s why whiskey drinkers tend to be happier people, they choose what they like because they like it, not because of how it looks or appears to others. You will never meet a whiskey drinker who can be described as “fussy.”

2. They’re not afraid of a little pain. Good whiskey can burn going down, but it’s definitely worth it. Anything worth doing is worth doing with a little intensity and whiskey drinkers know that it’s better to be too hot or too cold than totally forgettable.

3. They’re (relatively) healthy. People usually drink whiskey straight, or with a zero calorie mixer like soda water or diet soda. Unlike other kinds of liquor, whiskey drinkers aren’t imbibing a bunch of extra calories and sugar. Because of this, their hangovers are less severe and they can actually get out and enjoy their day. Also, drinking whiskey can lower your risk of cancer, dementia, stroke, and heart disease.

4. They know how to appreciate the little things. Whiskey is a simple drink. People who know how to value simple things tend to be happier.

5. They’re outdoorsy. Whiskey is basically the official alcoholic beverage of cabins everywhere. Have you ever seen an unhappy person at a cabin? I didn’t think so.

6. They know how to add some fun to their every day life. Unlike tequila shots or fancy cocktails, whiskey can be enjoyed as an after work or dinner beverage by itself. It’s the beverage of choice for people who want to savor the day and relax, without having to party all the time.

7. They’re timeless. Whiskey is a true grandpa beverage, it’s not a flavor of the week. It’s something you pick when you are mature enough to admit that your elders were probably on to something. The same maturity that saves you from unnecessary drama in the rest of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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