13 Reasons Why Country Girls Make The Best Girlfriends


1. Even though they do their hair and wear heels on occasion, they aren’t prissy. They won’t cry if they break a nail tossing a frisbee for your dog and they’ve long mastered the art of climbing into a truck in precarious shoes.

2. Our dads will take you fishing and hunting. They might even teach you a thing or two.

3. Country music is essentially party music. You can rest assured she values having a good time and her fun-loving nature won’t ever get boring.

4. You don’t have to treat them as if they are delicate princesses, country girls are tough.

5. If you’re ever in a horror movie they can help you take down the bad guys.


6. Because bonfires are way more romantic than candlelight.

7. They know how to back the trailer up when you need to get your boat out of the water.

8. She will never, ever, say the word “swag”.

9. Their ideal vacation is a weekend with you out at a cabin somewhere. You won’t have to fly her to Mexico or book fancy dinners.

10. Cut-off jean shorts.


11. Literally zero percent of men don’t wish they had a girlfriend they could go four-wheeling with.

12. She’ll never complain about your camo.

13. Country girls appreciate the little things in life. Their happiness comes from family, friends, and little things like how beautiful the fields look when they’re driving to work.

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