9 Reasons Why A Pisces Woman Makes The Best Partner

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1. She is a natural nurturer.

You couldn’t ask for a better partner in times of sickness. A Pisces woman will treat you like a fragile infant, catering to your every need and likely spoiling you rotten. She is innately selfless and comforting to be around.

2. Pisces women are tremendously understanding, sensitive, and emotionally intelligent.

They feel what you feel. If you’re in a bad mood because something happened at work (no matter how ridiculous or silly) she will give you her full attention and listen to anything you want to gripe about.

3. She is honest, trustworthy, straightforward, and reliable.

Loyalty is absolutely number one on her priority list and when she commits to something, she devotes her whole heart.

4. Being your friend is of just as much importance to her as being your lover.

She wants to have fun and try new things together. She is the type of woman you can talk to about anything.

5. She is deeply creative and has a remarkably vivid imagination.

You can learn a lot while spending time with her.

6. She is fiercely intuitive and naturally sexy.

She has a mysteriousness about her that you can’t help but be drawn to.

7. Music is her favorite thing.

So obviously she has the best taste.

8. Pisces women don’t care about material things.

She doesn’t need fancy dinner dates or expensive gifts, just being with you is enough. Don’t be surprised if she opts to cook dinner and watch a movie over eating out.

9. Pisces don’t like confrontation.

So, when you’re having an argument, her goal is to solve it as quickly and calmly as possible. She’s also a great listener and picks up on the little things that most people miss.

Pisces women make the best partners, without a doubt. However, her kindness and empathy sometimes lead to being used and/or taken for granted. So, don’t mistake her gentleness for weakness. Playing “games” with her will lead to nothing more than her losing interest. She is brutally honest, and her words can be deadly. When she’s hurt, instead of becoming angry she will become cold and shut you out. Rather than confronting you, she will simply disappear. For good.

“She is water. Powerful enough to drown you, soft enough to cleanse you, deep enough to save you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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