15 Reasons An Independent Woman Makes The Best Girlfriend

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1. She handles her shit.

An independent woman knows who she is and knows where she wants to be in life. She is comfortable with the person that she is and pursues her dreams fearlessly. You can’t help but appreciate her ‘Girl Boss’ attitude.

2. She pays her own way.

An independent woman may have a well-paid, high flying career, or she may just be starting out in her career on a lower income. Regardless, she is able to take care of herself financially. That means date nights do not have to be one-sided; they can be 50/50. She believes in an equal partnership.

3. She is self-reliant.

An independent woman depends on herself, almost always. She knows that she is capable of meeting her own needs. However, she will still need you. She just wants you to know that she can handle whatever life throws at her, but that you will always have her back.

4. She is ambitious.

An independent woman is an ambitious woman who sets her own goals and will seek opportunities to reach those goals. She is passionate in their pursuit of building a life that she wants for herself. There is nothing more attractive than a partner who is equally ambitious.

5. She has no problem communicating what she wants.

An independent woman does not expect you to read her mind or interpret any mixed signals. She does not have the time to play games. If she is interested in you, she will tell you.

6. She is never clingy.

An independent woman enjoys spending time with her significant other, but does not make you her entire life. She values her own space, and in turn understands that you, too, need some alone time. Clinginess in a relationship will make her feel stifled, so it is important that your lives do not revolve around each other.

7. She is confident.

An independent woman is aware of her imperfections and can admit to her flaws. However, she does not view them as weaknesses, but as strengths to continuously build. She has the confidence to let you know that she wants to be with you, but also has the confidence to walk away from a bad situation.

8. She is motivated.

An independent woman is motivated to reach her goals, whether that be with love, career or friendships. She wants a partner that will be equally inspiring and put forth as much determination in forming a relationship that works for both parties.

9. She doesn’t have unrealistic expectations.

An independent woman is mature enough to know that no relationship is perfect. She knows that relationships have ups and downs. She doesn’t expect you to be her knight in shining armor. She wants to have your emotional support more than anything.

10. She is a risk-taker.

An independent woman knows the importance of taking risks without fear of the outcome. She would not be the woman that she has become without taking risks. She knows that in love, giving her heart to you is a risk worth taking.

11. She will challenge you.

An independent woman seeks excitement and wants a fulfilling relationship. She constantly pushes herself out of her comfort zone and strives to become a better woman. She will challenge you to keep becoming a better version of yourself.

12. She is open-minded.

An independent woman is open to new ideas and does not believe that her way is necessarily the right way. She will listen to others perspective and is willing to try new things.

13. She knows how to have a good time.

An independent woman knows that all this hard work and no playtime is no fun. She needs to let loose every once in a while and enjoy herself. Whether that be a girls night out or a date night with you, she enjoys the company of her loved ones.

14. She knows what she wants.

An independent woman knows what she wants and is not afraid to go for it. In love, she seeks honesty, loyalty and commitment in a partnership. She is not afraid to show you her affectionate side.

15. She has strength you will be amazed by.

You will admire her strength. You will respect her work ethic. You will appreciate her honesty. You will commend her loyalty. You will love her independence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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