50 Women On “Does Dick Size Matter?”

Recently, I put to rest some terrible advice women are always being given, “guys will lose respect for you if you sleep with them too soon” and I wanted to do the same thing for something men believe, that all women want a well endowed man. Here’s how 50 women responded to the question “does dick size matter?” Tally at the bottom.

1. Meryl, 28

A super small/soft dick isn’t going to do anything but a huge dick hurts, usually, so like, it just needs to be normal sized/hard/he’s into it.

2. Jennifer, 28

It doesn’t matter to me as long as it isn’t too big or too small.

3. Ali, 22

I don’t want to be scared of it. Average is your friend.

4. Ashley, 26

It depends on a lot of factors — for me, it matters because I’m short so a dick that’s too big (read: long) definitely hurts in the “ow, you’re hitting my stomach” kind of way. But one that’s too small–you know, small enough to get lost in his pubic hair–doesn’t do anything for me (legit asked, ‘is it in?’). But essentially, it comes down to whether or not he knows how to use it…cliche, I know, but it’s the truth.

5. Eve, 28

Yes, my ex had a very short one that was thick and it did nothing for me.

6. Alex, 28

My last boyfriend had a long but super skinny one, which was weird. I don’t think it matters in general.

7. Tiffany, 27

I honestly can’t really tell if it’s bigger or smaller than the last guy or what’s “average.” I mean I would notice if it was huge or tiny, I think, but that’s never happened to me. They all look pretty much the same and I think the difference is if a guy knows how to fuck.

8. Lacey, 29

It doesn’t matter as much as whether a guy is good in bed.

9. Rachel, 26

One guy was TOOOO big. It felt like someone trying to fit their entire body inside me. He was literally like if someone was like “here let me put this jar of tomato sauce inside you.” Jeez, I’d love to but NO I FUCKING PHYSICALLY CAN’T.

10. Amy, 26

Not unless it’s giant or tiny. I like the happy medium ;)

11. Steph, 28

The first guy I was with had what I thought was probably a pretty big dick but he kept being like “look at this big dick I am fucking you with” so it was bad.

12. Nikki, 27

[Somewhat famous person]’s dick was literally a chapstick. Like a baby. The sex was so awful.

13. Lindsey, 26

It’s not size that makes a guy good. Or bad.

14. Jamie, 24

I think a guy with a big dick is more confident, so he’s better in bed.

15. Kristin, 30

It only matters if it’s too extreme one way.


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