This Is What Genuine Happiness Feels Like

Nothing feels better than waking up with a light feeling and a positive heart. It is not every day that we get to experience this kind of feeling, but when we do, we know it is something that we always wanted — it is to feel and cherish that genuine happiness.

Genuine happiness starts within yourself. It begins when you are slowly learning to appreciate every bit of you. It is accepting that you still have a lot of room to grow, a lot of people to meet along the way, and many opportunities to obtain.

Genuine happiness is when you can peacefully sleep at night because no one and nothing bothers you. It is knowing that you are not doing anything that may hurt anyone in any possible way.

It is when you can easily wake up every morning because it excites you to do the things that you love. It is appreciating the small things knowing that each of them has a good purpose in your life.

It is when you realize that you are the one responsible for your own happiness. You choose it, create it, and build it within you because you already learned your lessons from the past. It is knowing that you are unstoppable and there is nothing you cannot do because you are starting to trust yourself again.

Genuine happiness is about choosing to look on the bright side, no matter how undesirable things turn out. It is because you know that negative emotions will not cause you any good.

And when you start to feel happy about yourself, you extend it to other people. You share your light with others because you enjoy happy and nontoxic social interactions. It is as simple as laughing when you hear a good joke and telling it to others so they will laugh, too.

Genuine happiness comes when you start to learn that we have our own timelines. It is when you stop comparing yourself to others because you believe that your time will come, too.

It is when the future no longer scares you because you see it as a challenge to make the most out of your present. It is about considering the things that are unknown with a good perspective and putting your attention to what you can handle in the meantime.

Above all, you will know that you are finally happy when you no longer hold grudges from the pain of the past because true happiness is about overcoming. This means you have passed the dark areas and it is now your time to experience the most joyous memories. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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