18 People Share The One Crushing Secret They’re Keeping From Their Significant Other




“I hooked up with my boyfriend’s brother 6 years before I ever met him. It was some weird twist of fate that the brother and I went to the same college. I only found out about it after my boyfriend and I met and fell in love, when I finally met his family at Christmas. Suffice to say, it was a weird holiday, but it wasn’t really worth explaining to him that he was getting his little brother’s sloppy seconds.”


BCFC / iStockPhoto
iStockPhoto / BCFC


“My boyfriend — fiancé as of last week — thinks I’m a virgin. In fact, all of my friends and family think I’m a virgin; because of my religion I’ve vowed to stay celibate until marriage. What no one knows is that last year, I had an abortion.”


iStockphoto / diego_cervo
iStockphoto / diego_cervo


“I used to be a webcam model in college. It paid for my tuition for both undergrad, grad school, and let me add some to my savings. Although I haven’t cammed in a couple of years my boyfriend’s best friend sent me a message on Facebook one night that he found an old video of mine on a site somewhere. He said he wouldn’t tell my boyfriend but it’s always in the back of my mind he might find out.”


iStockPhoto / okeyphotos
iStockPhoto / okeyphotos


“When I was 19, I left the country and went to Spain and lived there for four years. I met a guy there and we had a kid. We broke up and I came back to the US. When I met my current boyfriend, I didn’t tell him I have a daughter. He’ll never know.”


iStockphoto / cclickclick
iStockphoto / cclickclick


“I’m currently dealing drugs out of our house.”


iStockphoto / pixhook
iStockphoto / pixhook


“I still keep an active Tinder and OkCupid account even though I’ve been married for two years.”


iStockphoto / warrengoldswain
iStockphoto / warrengoldswain


“I don’t plan on asking my girlfriend to marry me. I know she wants it, but I like how we are right now.”


iStockphoto / buzsu4ever
iStockphoto / buzsu4ever


For the past year, I’ve stolen about four grand in total from my girlfriend. I have so much debt to pay off and I know she’ll dump me if I tell her about it. So instead, I’ve stolen about $10 from her wallet every day for the past year.


iStockphoto / AtnoYdur
iStockphoto / AtnoYdur


“I actually hate cats. Sometimes I try to shoo my girlfriend’s cat away from her apartment, but she lives in a ground-floor apartment with a garden, so the cat always knows how to come back. She loves that thing more than she loves me, so I know which one she’d pick.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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