12 Problems Only Pisces Girls Understand

Flickr - Image / fireflieswaltz
Flickr – Image / fireflieswaltz

1. Being called out for daydreaming all the time. Someone asks you, “You there? You in another world?” Yeah, pretty much. You don’t mean to space out. It’s just that there are so many more interesting things going on in your head.

2. Being asked to make a decision and you legitimately don’t know what to say. Making decisions is hard for you because you can see the pros/cons to both choices. And forget asking about where we want to eat. Seriously, just make the decision for us. We’ll eat wherever makes you happiest.

3. You get taken advantage easily. People mistake your loveable, warm, and sometimes gullible nature as a sign for weakness. What they don’t realize is while you may forgive, you never forget. You hold grudges against those who have crossed you.

4. Because you have such a happy go-with-the-flow attitude about life people sometimes assume you never get down about things. Sure, you’re a carefree person, but you feel things very deeply and when something has you down it can take a lot to get you out of your mood.

5. Never having an answer when someone asks what you’re thinking about. You end up giving an answer that probably seems vague but the truth is you’re always thinking about a ton of things at once.

6. Sometimes people think you’re hard to get to know but the truth is you’re sometimes just more closed off to strangers or people you don’t know well. The ones who are closest to you always see your true ridiculous, silly, self. You don’t mind opening up about your life but it has to be under the right environment where you can feel comfortable.

7. Feeling that innate sense of wanderlust and sometimes not having the ability to do anything about it. We love to travel and explore the world so the littlest things can give us a crazy itch to get out of our comfort zone and do some exploring.

8. We disappear on people sometimes. It sucks but that’s what happens when we feel like we need to recharge for awhile. Often after we’ve been particularly hurt or are feeling exhausted from a situation we need time to just be on our own, make sense of what happened, and take care of ourselves in our own way.

9. Getting overwhelmed by being in a super busy location for too long. In these moments we shut down and wait until we can leave or the excessive stimuli goes away.

10. Sometimes we’re misjudged and mislabeled. People might think we’re shy when really we’re just observing our environment and taking it all in. Other times we can be seen as wishy-washy or fake. The truth is we’re able to adapt to nearly any and all environments. We’re always true to who we are but we’ve learned to become comfortable in any situation.

11. We love to dream but sometimes we need help in making our dreams a reality. Pisces girls are always dreaming up new goals or ideas about how to do something but once in awhile we need someone more grounded to help us bring our dreams to fruition.

12. Wanting to plan all of our vacations at the beach. We’re naturally drawn to water. It makes us feel at peace, calm, and content when we finally find our way to a body of water, whether it be the ocean or a lake. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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