11 Men Reveal The Creepiest Woman They’ve Ever Encountered

8. You don’t even love me!

Her text messages went from “hey what’s up” to “I FUCKING HATE YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT ALWAYS IGNORING ME YOU DONT EVEN LOVE ME” while I was taking a 15min shit and I forgot my phone.

9. That’s…pretty damn creepy.

This story is 100% fact, no embellishments. I worked at a movie theater in high school/college, and my creepiest stalker found me there. I go out one night after closing at 1 am, and find a giant piece of cardboard covering my windshield. Written on it is “Hi I think you’re cute, call me xxx-xxxx” Thinking one of my coworkers is messing with me, I go back in and ask who did it, and am greeted by blank faces, promptly followed by waves of laughter. Turns out, none of them did.

So my friend calls the number, chick answers the phone, and they start talking. We’ve got lots of questions. Do you know who’s car you put the cardboard on?

Yes, ineffablepwnage’s.

Wait, how did you know his name?

Well, the next day I asked all the other employees who he was until someone told me.

How did you know it was his car?

Well, I saw him leaving the theater a week ago, and thought he was cute so I followed him out. I got a little lost trying to find my way back to town.

So you planned this out a week ago?

No, I came up with the message tonight. I just followed him to find out more about him.

WAIT. What do you mean you got lost trying to get back to town?

Weeeellllllll, I kinda followed him a little further than just the parking lot.

Define a ‘little further’.

Maybe out to his house. It’s really nice! But it’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere.

At this point, I chime in and tell my friend, ‘I don’t remember anyone following me, and I always watch for other cars out there since people like to dump their trash on our road.’ So my friend asks her, ‘How did he not notice you following him?’

Teehee, maybe he just doesn’t pay enough attention. Oh, I maaaayyyyy have turned off my lights so he didn’t know I was following him.

I noped out of there so quick. Ladies, what would you have done if that happened to you?


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