11 Men Reveal The Creepiest Woman They’ve Ever Encountered

5. “She started to violently lick my nose…”

I was having lunch with a couple of friends when a woman my mother’s age sat down next to me at our table and started rambling about how beautiful she thought my face was. I was weirded out, but flattered, until she asked me if she could touch my face. She claimed to be a sculptor. She said it would help her recreating my face for an art piece she was doing. I told her no, but she proceeded to grope my face anyway. My friends bursted out in hysterical laughter as I was trying to get her off of me. Suddenly she started to violently lick my nose and trying to tongue fuck me in my nostrils. This is when a waiter pulled her off me and dragged her out of the restaurant. She waited for me outside in her car, took a picture of me when I left the restaurant over an hour later, and quickly drove off.


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