This Tinder Couple Only Messages Each Other With Witty Rhymes And It’s Hilarious

A Tinder Message opener with a poem and a person texting back
Imgur / MoonDog6 and Unsplash / Priscilla Du Preez

It’s been a long time since I got on Tinder, mostly because the majority of the conversations I had on there were pretty boring. Maybe none of the guys in my area are funny? Maybe I should move somewhere where people fully understand how to utilize puns??? Are there truly places in the world where Tinder guys are funny?

I mean, there must be, because you always see hilarious conversations posted online. Like this one, which consisted of nothing but small little rhymes but ended up being perhaps one of the best Tinder conversations I’ve ever read.

Imgur / MoonDog6

I know this is probably a little premature, but I really hope these people get married and reproduce and teach their children to speak it nothing but poetry. It’s what the world truly needs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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