The Man Who Tweeted About Being Haunted By A Creepy Ghost Child Has More Terrifying Photos Of ‘Dear David’

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Honestly, at this point, I’m pretty addicted to the story of Dear David, What can I say? I’m a sucker for ghost stories, and watching one unravel in real-time is probably the most amazing thing technology has ever allowed us to do.

It’s not surprising that the story of a man being haunted by the ghost of a deformed boy has gone viral. Adam Ellis has made waves across the internet by posting videos of weird happenings in his apartment and even photos of ghost boy Dear David himself, and it’s got everyone shaking. Here are a few you can look through as a precursor.

Adam’s laid pretty low the past month or so, but recently the story picked up again. It started when Adam noticed weird sounds coming from his ceiling, only to realize there was a strange hatch on the ceiling right outside his apartment.

Considering how high up the hatch was, Adam decided to investigate by ordering a VERY long pole on Amazon (I’m legitimately beginning to think he gets all his ideas from ’90s cartoons).

Here’s a video of him using the pole to get into the hatch and the ~mysterious~ object that dropped from it.

He also had his landlord investigate and found this weird little trinket just chilling up there as well.

That’s all fun and cool, yeah? Well, trust me, IT GETS WORSE. Because Adam decided to update us yesterday about how things have been going, and it includes a lot of creepy (and questionable) photos.

It all started when he was about to go to bed and he realized something felt off.

And this is where he gets the incredibly dumb idea to document all the weird things that might be going on in his room at night — and trust me, it’s creepy af.

The pictures are all nice and innocent at first until suddenly, they’re not.

(Remember how there were noises coming from Adam’s ceiling earlier this month? I’m assuming this had to do with that.)

Seriously, CREEPY.

Damn, Adam, I don’t even know you and I feel the need to start writing your obituary.

Some people claimed that these photos  seemed particularly fake, as if “Dear David” were just a doll or a photoshopped image, though others were still pretty sure Adam was probably, definitely going to die in the near future.

Honestly, real or not, I’m too invested to walk away from this story. Whether we find out it’s all a hoax or something terrible happens to Adam, I’m here till the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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