This Guy Has Been Tweeting About Being Haunted By A Creepy Ghost Child And He Took These Terrifying Photos As Proof

Twitter / @moby_dickhead

If you’ve kept up with Adam Ellis and his charming (lol jk I meant creepy af) child ghost called Dear David, then you know a lot of creepy stuff has been happening to him. It all happened when Ellis first saw the ghost in his dream and accidentally pissed him off — and ever since, the ghost has been out for revenge.

Since then, Ellis has tweeted about all the weird things that have happened to him — his cats have been acting strange, things have been moving around his house on their own, he’s gotten weird phone calls and found strange bruises on his body. Honestly, it’s all just bizarre.

But what gets me more than his stories is the weird videos and pictures he manages to get. They seriously get me to my core. Like this bizarre video of his rocking chair moving on its own:

Also, this one where his cats are acting VERY weird (and the objects on his table move).

He also got some pretty haunting shots on his phone, like this one time he heard something outside his door and decided to take a photo through the peephole because he was too afraid to look himself.

If you look at the picture closely, you can see an eye and an ear, as well as what looks to be the side of someone’s head. For those who can’t see it, this guy drew it out for us:

He also got this photo about a week ago when he thought he saw something outside his apartment.

It seems normal enough until a Twitter user decided to take the liberty to enhance the photo so it was easier to see:

But as of yesterday, Ellis has even more to share with us — including some incredibly unsettling photographs.

It all started with a dream.

And here’s where the photos come in. (Seriously, you’re going to want to turn up the brightness on your phone for these — they’re pretty haunting once you do.)

If you don’t want to turn up your own brightness, here’s one of the photos after its been enhanced:


Ellis has supposedly turned down offers from mediums and other psychics to help him get rid of the little ghost (demon?), but come on, dude — if you don’t do something soon, you’re definitely gonna die. Or get possessed. Or something.

Honestly, the whole story is pretty addicting — I find myself checking Ellis’s Twitter every week or so. Whether this is real or not, he’s got me hooked. All I’m saying, Adam, is if this is real and you somehow get possessed, can you please keep trying to update your Twitter? I need to know what happens. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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