This Teen Made A Spotify Playlist To Break Up With Her BF And His Twitter Response Was Hilariously Perfect

Twitter / @errikkxa and Facebook / Kirsten Titus

Ah, young love — it starts so beautifully and ends so quickly. Back in my day, you’d ask out your crush in person (or using a carefully-worded note) and then break up with them a few months later, also in person. But times have changed, and I guess you could say the youths are getting more creative.

Wyatt Hall and Kirsten Titus, two students from Brigham Young University, went on a few dates together before Kirsten decided she maybe wasn’t as into him as she thought. Instead of talking it out with him, she decided to make him a Spotify playlist to explain exactly how she felt.

Twitter / @errikkxa
Twitter / @errikkxa

Ouch. Well at least it’s straight to the point?

Kirsten’s sister shared the screenshots on Twitter, and people couldn’t decide if the playlist was hilarious or terribly petty.

But Wyatt was not about to be silenced, even over social media, and his response was just as epic.

The non-couple inspired others to make playlists of the people in their lives, which is honestly pretty hilarious.

One Twitter user even made a playlist for Wyatt himself.

Twitter / @_Wendybb
Twitter / @_Wendybb

Well, at least it gave some of us a laugh. Maybe not Wyatt, but some of us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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