A Police Officer Crashed This Group Text Because One Of Their Friends Needed Help Getting Home

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If you’re an avid member of a group chat, you know things can get a little crazy in them on nights out, when everyone is wasted and eager to share every weird moment, triumphant conquest or drunk declaration of love. But this group of friends got a very different surprise when things got a little too crazy: a message from the police.

It all started with this message from Cameron’s phone claiming that the police had picked him up, but that he was a little too far gone to remember his address.

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Of course, Cameron’s friends were immediately skeptical. After all, why would the policeman have chosen to message a group chat called “Pres Poosay”?

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However, being the badass he is, the officer quickly dispelled all doubts.

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“Fuck me dead it’s legit,” indeed.

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Of course, people found the exchange hilarious.

You win this time, South Wales Police. You win this time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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