The ‘Red White & Royal Blue’ Film Adaptation Is Coming Out Soon…Get Hyped!

Amazon Prime recently released the poster for the much anticipated adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s wildly successful novel, Red White & Royal Blue. And it’s got a release date! The world will meet the son of the American president and the prince of England–and their epic love story–streaming on Amazon Prime on August 11, 2023.

Red White & Royal Blue follows the son of the female (Yay for gender equality!) President of the United States as he tries to navigate his hatred for the Prince of England. Alex thinks British snob Henry is insufferable. So why does he keep wanting to be around him? Yep, it’s the queer enemies-to-lovers romance you love, now with a film adaptation.

But it all comes down to casting, right? They need to get Alex and Henry right or it’ll never work. Here’s who’s playing the duo in Prime’s RW&RB:

Taylor Zahar Perez plays Alex Claremont-Diaz

Alex is a bit of a bad boy who regularly gets his face splashed all over the American tabloids. He dates around, he attends parties, and he’s just a tiny bit of an embarrassment to his President mother. For the film, Alex is played by Taylor Zahar Perez. You might know him best from his role as girlfriend-stealing Marco in The Kissing Booth 2 and 3 (2020, 2021) on Netflix. It looks like he might have just the right amount of swagger to play Alex.

Nicholas Galitzine plays Prince Henry

Amazon Studios

Prince Henry is the antithesis to Alex. He’s got all the quiet manners that you’d expect from the Prince of England. He’s also exceptionally good at keeping his feelings hidden. Prince Henry is played by Nicholas Galitzine. You might recognize him as another prince: Prince Robert from Camila Cabello and Billy Porter’s version of Cinderella (2021). He has one of those princely faces that seems perfect for the role of Henry.

Red White & Royal Blue comes out August 11, 2023

Ultimately, how good the adaptation is comes down to the chemistry between the characters–and actors. Will Zahar Perez and Galitzine pull off the tricky enemies-to-lovers trope? Will Amazon’s vision match what so many fans of the book have after reading (and probably re-reading) the source material? We’ll just have to wait for August to see!

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