14 Reasons The Girl Who Loves ‘Too Much’ Is Actually The Best One To Love

Vladimir Kudinov
Vladimir Kudinov

1. We don’t “play it chill” when we’re crushing on someone new

Literally everyone in our life suggests “taking it easy” and “being chill” around our new crush, but we just can’t. We like someone, and aren’t good at hiding our emotions about that.

2. We don’t like to play games

We don’t see the point in playing games with someone. We want love, not a game of chess. We like to be direct about how we feel and like to experience something real.

3. Sometimes we seem “over” interested

Because we don’t see the point in pretending to not be.

4. Other times we are very shy, because we’ve been hurt before

We recognize that we have a crush, but we might not be fast to act on it because we are afraid they won’t like us back. We don’t know what the “appropriate” amount of caring is, so sometimes we try not to care at all.

5. We get very nervous trying to balance how to act

On one hand, we want him to know we are interested. On the other hand, we are always terrified that it’s “too much.”

6. We don’t want to be in a “label-less” relationship

We don’t want to quibble over whether we just “talking” or just “dating” someone. We want to be in an exclusive relationship with someone who we will invest in. We don’t want to settle for anything less.

7. We aren’t crazy about casual sex

We absolutely don’t shame other people for their choices, but casual hookups don’t do a lot for us. We get excited about emotional and intellectual connections, and the physical sensations of sex just aren’t as good as the “whole deal” with someone we love.

8. We have no patience for “ghosting” or “benching”

We don’t want to be someone’s girl for only one night. We don’t want someone who just texts us back when they are bored, but have no interest in us otherwise. We want something real.

9. We go “all in” our relationships

We aren’t afraid to say “I love you.” We are more than willing to buy our partner nice gifts. We show up to every big event for our boyfriends. We text them back as often as possible, and love talking on the phone. We are invested from day one, because we don’t see a point in anything else.

10. We get the most hurt when we aren’t taken seriously

We can’t stand when someone tells us to “care less” or take our relationship “less seriously.” Why would we intentionally diminish something so important?

11. We confront issues in our relationship immediately

We don’t pretend to be happy when we’re not. We don’t avoid a fight because it’s the “easier” path. We want our relationship to last, and so we make sure to talk about the things that are bugging us.

12. We don’t flirt around

We aren’t really interested in empty chatter to begin with, but especially once we are in a relationship we don’t ever flirt with other guys. We have a person, and so we aren’t going to respond to the thirsty text from an ex-flame or comment back and forth with some dude on Instagram

13. We believe trust is everything

We immediately give full trust to a man we are dating, but once that trust has been broken, it is very hard for him to earn it back.

14. We are 100% loyal

We will always be there for our boyfriend — because we aren’t dating just to kill time or “have fun” — we are dating because we are in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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