6 Sexist Things Girls Say

1. “Chivalry is dead.”

I consider myself a male feminist; I have no issue with the idea women are as capable as men in nearly any tasks. Giving birth is where I may draw the line; you gals are rocking that. However, it is often impossible not to hear some women impart standards upon men when they cry out against even the slightest disregard of inequality which goes their way across the fence. This oft-quoted line could often be pointed towards any person (chivalry applying to both sexes), but it is more often than not a complaint against men who do not pull out chairs, do not carry all the bags, or do not pay for the entirety of a date. So you want a man who treats you with standards imparted by a patriarchal culture? How about a man who wants a woman to quit her job, pump out kids, and fulfill every harsh standard befitting a housewife?

2. “I refuse to date a man shorter than me.”

I do not mean to slice open issues of physical attraction, but what this tends to say to me is “this is an extremely shallow person.” Perhaps the reverse is “I refuse to date a girl with a cup size below C.” It imparts an unfair standard on short guys and tall girls.

3. “Any guy living with his parents is a loser.”

While not just deaf to the sort of financial issues which can put anyone back in their parents’ basement, it seems to me women are subjected to far less shame than men if their post-adolescence feels a bit too much like an extension of their adolescence. That said, the US Census found 59% of men ages 18-24 live with their parents, but the number is fairly similar with women of the same age, coming in at 50%.

4. “If women ran the world, there would be no war.”

First, I’d like to point out that organizations which have more diversity of any kind tend to function better. However, the idea that women would be more peaceful as Heads of State is fairly ridiculous. Margaret Thatcher, who passed away earlier this week, was infamous for her invasion of the Falkland Islands. There were plenty of female pharoahs in Ancient Egypt which waged war like few other nations. It’s true even further down the power structure; Lynndie England was a key player in the Abu Ghraib scandal and the (possibly mythical) Amazonian warriors actually could not marry until they had killed in battle. It is apparent, if given the opportunity, women could be as savage at waging war as men.

5.  “All guys think about is sex.”

And all women think about is SHOPPING!! Am I right, guys?

6. “All men are animals.”

I am certainly not here to deny the very brutal reality of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, or rape. However, assuming every guy is looking to rape you is about as ridiculous as thinking any person of an ethnic minority is out to mug you. In fact, let’s just rule out any statement which begins with “all men” or “all women”, because that is the central point of this. Any movement meant to celebrate “equality” or “diversity” should do just that, not create an Us vs. Them mentality. Women around the world are subjected to injustices much larger than hearing something which offends them and those are certainly issues which demand attention. But always be prepared to hold yourself to the same standard you hold others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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