10 Sweet Perks Of Being A Woman (Or Not Being A Man)

Girls, is your life a Noxzema commercial or what?
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1. I can act naturally

If something makes me sad, I can cry. If I am upset over a boy, I can gather my girlfriends and we can gossip and laugh together. If I hear a scary noise in my apartment I can call a guy to come help me investigate, no shame in feeling my emotions as they come. I don’t have to worry about being macho, I can fully embrace everything that happens to me.

2. People assume I am innocent

I don’t get in trouble as much as I should because I have this aura or whatever where no one thinks I’d be capable of doing something bad. Once I got in trouble in college for breaking the rules and I cried my way out of getting suspended. Is this bad for women? Yes, probably, but I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t extremely thankful my grades didn’t have to take that hit.

3. Girl stuff = best stuff

Chick lit, makeup, pedicures, long bubble baths—these are some of the best parts about being alive. No one questions my manhood because I like to feel good and indulge in life’s little pleasures. I can drive my car around blasting Britney and singing at the top of my lungs, no judgment. I get to have happy and bubbly be my default emotions. So fun.

4. People hold doors open for me

As a woman, people generally do things for me that they don’t do for men. It makes me feel like a princess. Also, when I go on dates the worst thing that can happen is I waste my time, I don’t have to buy someone dinner only to realize it’s not a good fit.

5. No facial hair

Maintaining my underarms, bikini area and legs is enough of a hassle. I can’t imagine having to put a razor on my face! Plus men’s faces are so rough! I like my soft skin.

6. No public boners

Our coming of age is a bit easier, I think, than our male peers. I’ve never had to worry that someone can tell I just saw my crush walking down the hall or (now) that I’m sexting someone during an inappropriate time.

7. Power

In sexual relationships, at least, I feel like women have all the power. It’s an intoxicating feeling when you see men lose their brains over something and you can keep your head together. Sure, there’s other parts of relationships that we get the short end of the stick over, but there’s times when guys are thinking with their dick that can at least make any woman feel like Angelina Jolie.

8. Tiny sundresses

What feels more free than rolling out of bed in the summer and throwing on a sundress and flip flops and walking out the door? They make every woman look like a goddess and it is basically the comfort equivalent of wearing sweatpants.

9. Dancing

There are some men who are amazing at dancing but for most of them dancing requires much more courage than it does for a woman. I don’t feel self-conscious at all when I dance because I feel like I’m not expected to do anything other than twirl my lady body around the dancefloor. It’s such a fun, cathartic activity and I feel super sad for people (men) who don’t get to experience the earth shattering joy that comes when the DJ puts that song on and all your girlfriends scream with pleasure.

10. Rich inner lives

I feel like women are generally more deep than men because they have this deep ocean of emotional thoughts underneath the surface. A sensitive person is going to run into more conflicts in life than a confident person, and conflict leads to growth and getting to new levels of understanding life. To me, being a woman means being free to explore everything that happens to me, to talk about it with friends, to ask question and listen to what other people have to say. I’m not expected to be in control and I use it to my advantage. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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