Date Someone Who Loves Your Belly


Date someone who loves you for who you are. Don’t date someone who wants to change you because they might not love the way you look completely. Don’t put yourself through that torture always trying to be good enough for them. Don’t make someone else’s opinion about your body change the way you see yourself in a negative manner.

Be proud of your body and if you want to work on changing it do it because you love yourself, not because you hate your body. And make sure everything you do, do it for you.

You are worth so much more than your body weight and the number on a scale.

If he likes you he likes you for you, the first time you hook up with the right guy he won’t look at you and say, “ah, never mind, I thought you were five pounds lighter.” No. That won’t happen because he likes you for who you are, not for your weight.

And in a rare, fucked up case that does happen, he isn’t the right kind of guy, anyway. You don’t want to be with someone that shallow and down right rude. Don’t allow him to diminish your self-worth and shatter your self-love. That is his own problem he needs to spend time working on and fixing.

Date someone who loves your belly, who loves to rest his head on your little pudge.

Date someone who will gladly sit down and eat a bowl of ice cream with you before bed because he knows how much you love ice cream. Date someone who loves to show you off, even if you’re not a size two. Date someone who is completely and utterly obsessed with you in every way.

Date someone who thinks your rolls are cute when you sit down and loves the way your belly moves when you start laughing uncontrollably. Date someone who falls in love with what you consider ‘your flaws.’ Date someone who loves how your belly feels against his arm when you’re cuddling in bed. 

Date someone who wouldn’t change a thing about your body even if he could, but fully supports you if you want to make your own changes. Date someone who cares about your health, someone who wants you to be healthy because they care about your actual well-being. Don’t date someone who forces you to eat healthy because they want you to look like a super model.

Date someone who loves your body, who supports you and treats you right. Date someone who is proud of you when you go to the gym and achieve one of your fitness goals, but also date someone who is proud of you when you can eat more pizza than him because you’re really hungry and feel like pigging out.

Don’t let a man influence your body image, don’t let him make you feel bad about your choices and take away what you love. There is a difference between healthy and starving yourself to please someone.

So please, never change for anyone, your body image should never define you because you are worth so much more than the number on a scale. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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