11 Things Women Need To Stop Giving A Fuck About Right This Second

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Women are often known for their instinctive sensitivity. It is said that we are born to be caring, feeling, and receptive forces of nature. These qualities can be a great thing, but there are times that having our highly caring and sensitive ways just flat out sucks and it’s not good for our happiness or our dignity.

The truth is, women care way too much about a lot of things. We care so much when others don’t care at all. Our fucks given to fucks received ratio is completely off balance.

This isn’t to say that women shouldn’t care about anything anymore, just that there are some certain areas that they would be better off ceasing to give all fucks.


1. What people think about you.

If someone has something negative to say about you – so what. It should be of no concern to you. Joan Jett didn’t give a damn about her bad reputation, and she made a fortune from it. When you live a life where you are too busy kicking ass and taking names, it will become easy to genuinely stop caring.

2. Society’s expectations of you.

Screw what society says that you as a woman should do! That is for you to decide. It doesn’t matter what anyone expects of you, as long as you are content with what you are doing in life.

3. The guy that broke your heart.

Whether he dumped you unexpectedly or mistreated you in some way, it’s time to get over it. He doesn’t deserve any more space inside your mind. Chances are, you are better off without him.

4. Being ladylike.

Be ladylike only if you want to be ladylike. There’s no point in worrying about being a certain way just to please others when it’s not who you really are. If you are a woman, YOU decide what it means to be lady, no one else.

5. The past.

The past can sometimes be ugly and uncomfortable, but it’s over. It’s done, and you can’t change it so there’s no use in dwelling on whatever happened. You can only move forward.

6. Fashion & beauty standards.

Don’t be afraid to break some rules, or break all of them. Wear that outfit you love that your grandma says is too tacky. Mix prints and patterns if you want. Who really has the time and energy to keep up with everything going on in women’s fashion? Create your own look and be proud of it.

7. What ifs.

We could all sit there thinking all day long about our what-ifs, or we could get up, be productive, and do something to improve ourselves. It’s up to you.

8. Regrets, mistakes, failures.

It happened. Oh well. Dust it off. It’s easy to wish you could go back in time to change something, but you can’t. It’s better to fail sometimes and make some mistakes that you can learn from and use it to grow than not ever having any experience at all.

9. Aging.

Everyone gets older, but you don’t have to allow yourself to be defined by your age. It’s a number that doesn’t have to mean anything significant about you as a person. Live your life and forget your age.

10. What everyone else is doing.

The people who are remembered in this life are the people who didn’t follow the crowd. They did their own thing and they weren’t afraid to take risks or be seen as a little odd. Think less like a trend follower and more like a trendsetter.

11. People who don’t give a fuck about you.

If people treat you like they don’t care about you, believe them, because they don’t. If they don’t give a fuck about you now, they won’t give a fuck about you ever. Don’t waste your time on them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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