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This Is Why I Love You

I wish I had the words to explain how I feel about you in a way that is as poetic as the feeling that radiates inside my heart. Truthfully, the love I have for you is impossible to express in a way that does it justice. It is so excitingly new and incredibly foreign to me, but I will convey it as best as I can.

I love you because you have fought some of the most treacherous battles that have robbed you of your peace and stolen your spirit, yet you’ve remained pure at the core of your heart, in spite of it all.

I love you because you are beautiful in a way that is so incredibly rare, a beauty that isn’t just seen with the eyes, but must also be seen with an open heart.

On the outside, I love the raw beauty of your face, never painted with the mask of makeup. I love your bare eyes that shine with the natural blue of each iris, and your smile which never fails to awaken mine. I wish you could see your body the way I see it, that it’s perfect the way it is, because it’s incomparably yours. I love the tattoos that tell stories like a map of your mind. I especially love the way you don’t feed into societal influences and express yourself in the way that feels most comfortable for you, you inspire me so much in that way.

On the inside, I love your patience, your acceptance, and your ability to laugh through the fear and worry that clouds your mind. I love your faith and gratitude that propels you forward, and your awareness to rest when you feel weary. I love the way you care unconditionally, yet gracefully let go of what you cannot change.

I love the simple things that are really the most thoughtful because they show you pay attention. I love the way you remember the name of my favorite song and play it whenever I’m around. I love the way you ask about my triggers and offer to tip toe around them or hold my hand as I face them. I love the goofiness and wittiness of your humor that pairs with mine.

My love for you is both incredibly simple and complex at the same time. It is composed of so many intricate pieces and yet so simplistic because I feel it naturally. You and I are so wonderfully similar yet specially different, and I am so thankful we found our way to one another.

Most of all, I cherish the rarity of your soul which exudes a love and connection that illuminates my whole being. Amongst everything else, this is why I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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