5 Ridiculous Things Women Need To Stop Stressing Over

1. Their number

Like, all the numbers, honestly. The number on the scale. The number of people you’ve bumped uglies with. The age you’re turning. Just go ahead and forget everything The Count on Sesame Street told you. (STOP COUNTING.) Yes, you should aim to be healthy. Yes, you should practice sex and smart sex. Yes, you’re aging and eventually will just crumple up into a pile of dust. But obsessing over the specifics of these numbers (and assigning them some weirdly powerful meaning) will just drive you nuts. Do your thing. Let go of high school skinny. F*ck who you want. Accept you’re getting older and wrinkles are a part of life. You earned those things.

2. Pubic hair

This is always a personal preference thing. Maybe you like to trim that bad boy down, or just wax-on-wax-off the whole situation. I’m not saying you should go all natural if you aren’t comfortable, but NOT shaving/waxing isn’t something you should freak out about. General tip to follow: if the person you’re with doesn’t want to f*ck you because you have NATURALLY OCCURRING pubic hair, you don’t want to fuck them either.

3. Being on a dating app

This isn’t specific to women, or even something that all women can relate to (#NotAllWomen), but there’s this weird stigma that still exists with dating apps. Even though pretty much everyone with a phone and working fingers has Tinder casually downloaded, we still kind of cringe when we have to explain we actually met someone that way. “Lol, well…we actually met from, ugh, I know it sounds so lame, but Tinder.” Okay? That’s cool? How is it any different than hooking up with some rando from the bar? However you decide to date is cool and it shouldn’t be something you overthink. Don’t stress about an acquaintance coming across you on Hinge one late night. Just laugh it off. Or maybe ask them if they want to grab a drink together.

4. Nude photos (of other women)

So, Kim K posted a nude (but like not?) and while the internet didn’t break this time, it was still ready to share opinions. I can understand if you don’t want to see someone naked — cool, don’t follow them. But when I see heaps and heaps of women hating on her (funnily enough, many of them are the same women I’ve seen championing nudity as art), it bothers me. It’s her body. It’s her persona. It’s her social media to do with what she wants. Just chill. You don’t have to agree. Don’t pay attention to it if it bothers you. Berating any woman for wanting to take some steamy selfies is a waste of time. Is it hurting you? Nah. If anything, enjoy the view.

5. Biological clock ticking

This is the actual lamest thing that women have been convinced they need to worry about. Sure, is there a biological point you won’t be able to conceive children? Absolutely. And if kids are something you really want in the future, the cool thing is how many more options we have now. Freeze your eggs! Adopt! But this stress of needing to find the right partner, get your career all set, and start a family before it’s too late isn’t doing anyone any favors. Your path in life is going to be an individual one, so focusing on what society says you should be doing will hurt you in the long run. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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