24 Reasons To Be On Tinder That Don’t Include Hooking Up

Shutterstock / Andy Dean Photography
Shutterstock / Andy Dean Photography

Okay, we all know Tinder is considered a hook-up app. I don’t need to be reminded, Grandma! BUT does that mean other possibilities for why a person would find themselves swiping away erryyyday can’t exist?! Absolutely not. So here’s some reasons you might be on Tinder other than trying to get that V or D. Or both.

1. It’s how you keep yourself from texting your ex.

2. You have insomnia and hope if you swipe enough, sleep will find you.

3. You declined an invite out with your friends, and are now regretting it and super bored because there’s no one to talk to.

4. You are some ET type creature, instructed to study humans in the 18-28 age demographic and take notes on their current mating rituals.

5. You thought you were downloading Kesha’s song “Timber.”

6. You’re too lazy for Ok Cupid and no way in Hell going to spend any money for something like eHarmony or match.com.

7. You and your best friend have a competition going to see who can screenshot the most ridiculous profile picture.

8. It’s a tool you use to help fuel procrastination and delay all important tasks you know you should be doing that day.

9. You’re in an hour and a half long line at Disneyland.

10. You have a very serious and rare medical condition that requires you to constantly swipe phone screens or you will descend into an eternal darkness.

11. You genuinely want to meet cool, interesting, and fun people. But you know, to like go get the occasional lunch with or go catch an outdoor concert in the park, not just fornicate like lonely bunnies.

12. You’re painfully shy and this is a good way for you to fit your needed quota of socialization, while never getting out of bed.

13. You like looking at pictures of women.

14. You like looking at pictures of men.

15. You like looking at pictures of women and men.

16. You’re painfully in love with someone else and are trying to prove to the world (mostly yourself) that you’re moving on.

17. Snapchat keeps crashing on you.

18. All of your friends have Tinder and you were having a serious case of FOMO.

19. You want a place to try out the worst/best pick up lines and tally up which ones are the winners.

20. You want to exchange sexual messages with someone, but not actually ever meet because you know, that sounds exhausting.

21. You’re developing a new app that will be even better than Tinder, so you need to scope out the competition.

22. You enjoy the slight ego boost you get each time you match with a hottie.

23. You’re trying to ease the concerns of family that you will die alone and only ever be found because your next door neighbor starts to smell something rotting.

24. You are an optimist and actually believe you might find $$~*Twuu Luv*~*~* AWWWW. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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