11 Things Emotionally Mature Women Don’t Tolerate In A Relationship

When it comes to love, emotional maturity matters a lot. In fact, research has even shown that emotional maturity plays a huge role in the quality and health of relationships because it helps couples navigate conflict resolution as well as creates security within a relationship. And because emotional maturity is so crucial for loving, secure partnerships, certain qualities, behaviors, and dynamics have no place in an emotionally mature relationship. 

Here are 11 of those things that emotionally mature women don’t tolerate in a relationship.

1. A non-committal attitude.

If an emotionally mature woman wants a committed relationship with you, she needs that commitment returned in full. She doesn’t play games and she definitely won’t wait for you to make up your mind about her; she moves on. She’d rather be single than settle for someone who is unsure about her.

2. Poor communication.

Bad communication skills are the ultimate turnoff for the emotionally mature woman. She’s not interested in begging you to listen to her and she’s definitely not going to hold your hand while she explains to you why it’s disrespectful to interrupt, delay confirming plans, or avoid difficult but necessary conversations. 

An emotionally mature wants to be with an adult who can meet her where she’s at, and this includes the ability to communicate openly, effectively, and directly.  

3. Disrespect.

Disrespect can appear in many forms from demeaning comments to passive-aggressive behavior to constantly showing up late. And because respect is the foundation of a healthy, lasting relationship, love simply cannot exist without respect. An emotionally mature woman understands this and will never accept disrespect from her partner. 

4. The blame game.

A key sign of emotional maturity is the ability to both admit to and take accountability for your mess-ups. A key sign of emotional immaturity, on the other hand, is refusing to ever say you got something wrong and pointing fingers at everyone and everything else but yourself.

An emotionally mature woman is bound to make mistakes too; she’s human after all. However, she needs to know you’re also willing to own up to your own mistakes. She doesn’t want perfection. She just wants to know you’re mature enough to want to improve and carry the responsibility of doing so.

5. Self-centeredness.

An emotionally mature doesn’t expect everything to always be about her, nor does she expect everything to always be about you. However, she does need you to show up for her when it’s her turn.

Yes, an emotionally mature woman can handle her life, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want, need, and deserve support too. If every conversation revolves around you, if you tune her out when she’s expressing her feelings to you, if you constantly interrupt her and don’t engage with anything she’s saying, she’ll be over you quicker than you can ever believe. 

6. Irresponsible behavior. 

If she has to constantly worry about you and clean up your messes, this not only makes her distrust you, it also makes her resent you. She’s there to support you, not enable you. Don’t get it twisted. Don’t make her mother you.

7. Possessiveness. 

While instances of jealousy are totally human and normal, constant bouts of jealous and possessive behavior are a huge red flag that an emotionally mature woman would never look past. She is her own person. Treat her like one.

8. No effort.

Effort is a sign that you care. If she constantly has to pull the weight of the relationship and make all the effort, she’ll take this as a signal that you don’t value her and will go to find someone who actually does.

9. Dishonesty.

Don’t lie. Don’t withhold pertinent information. Don’t cheat. It’s really as simple as that. 

10. Inconsistency.

Inconsistency does not create space for trust; it does the exact opposite because it undermines reliability. If she can’t count on you, she doesn’t trust you. If she doesn’t trust you, she can’t be totally open with you. And without openness and honesty, there’s no room for emotional closeness and love.

On that note…

11. Emotional unavailability. 

Finally, an emotionally mature woman understands that the foundation of love is a true emotional connection. Emotional intimacy cannot happen without each partner’s willing participation and openness. If you show signs of emotional unavailability, she isn’t going to try to break down your walls or convince you to open up. She’ll simply walk away.

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