5 Queer Reality Shows To Binge This Pride Month (And Beyond)

It’s Pride Month, babes! It’s our chance to celebrate all things queer and partake in all the gay festivities. When it’s time to wind down and relax from all your fun, you know you just want to cuddle up and watch some trash reality television. Since it’s our time of year, let’s take a look at some really fun queer reality shows to binge while sipping a Diet Coke or Negroni.

Love Allways


Representing all Pansexuals, Love Allways is led by a pansexual bachelorette named Lexi who gets a chance to explore many options in a cute villa. Each episode is full of challenges, connections, miscommunication, and as always, drama. Lexi is a sweet girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and the villa gets a little chaotic vying for her love. Check out Love Allways on Paramount+.

I Kissed A Boy


I Kissed A Boy is the first ever UK-exclusive gay reality show. Set in Italy, 10 guys are searching for love and trying to find the one. Before they can form a connection though, they have to share a kiss with the person they want to get to know. You can stream I Kissed A Boy on Hulu.

I Kissed A Girl


Similarly to I Kissed A Boy, I Kissed A Girl is a sapphic reality dating show where 10 women are aiming to find their other half and get the U-Haul ready to go. Again, the premise is that they must share a kiss with their selected partner before hoping there’s a connection there. I Kissed A Girl is a little harder to find to watch, but it is available on BBC Three.

The Ultimatum: Queer Love


The Ultimatum is a saucy Netflix dating reality show that places couples in a precarious situation. One partner is ready to commit and the other isn’t, so the ultimatum is placed. Season 2 is exclusively queer, featuring lesbians, bisexuals, and pansexuals, and takes the original couples and places them in a new relationship to see if the grass is greener. At the end of the experiment, couples decide if they want to leave the show with who they came with, or their new boo. Queer Love is streaming on Netflix

Love Trip: Paris


Love Trip: Paris centers around four women who are unlucky in love and want to break free of failed relationship after failed relationship. The four women include a trans woman, a lesbian, and a bisexual and their goal is to live in the dreamy French villa where they will meet potential suitors that strike their fancy. Each week, someone gets voted off for each woman and they get closer and closer to finding someone they can call their own. Love Trip: Paris is available to watch on Prime Video.

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