28 Things That Happen When You’re A Talkative Introvert


This might come as a shock to some of you, but believe it or not, people are kind of complicated. We try to simplify this whole life ordeal by categorizing ourselves, but truth is, we’re all little mysteries. Cue Scooby Doo theme song. For those of us who seem extroverted, but are in fact quite introverted, here’s some things ya’ll might relate to. Or not. The real question: Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

1. While you may enjoy being the center of attention, you like it in a controlled environment. You might not bust out your best material at a party filled with a sea of unfamiliar faces. You have to warm up, learn the best way to approach these new people. It’s like running a marathon: you’re going to have practiced the distance a few times before going balls to the wall crazy.

2. People have referred to you as an extrovert, and you feel kind of awkward correcting them- something only a true introvert would experience.

3. You feel completely at home on a stage with hundreds to thousands of people in the audience, but absolutely dread even the tamest small talk face-to-face.

4. People expect you to be the life of the party. THE PRESSURE! IT’S TOO MUCH!

5. People have a hard time understanding the difference between real you, and the character you sometimes take on to deal with social situations. If you’re an actor or performer, you know how to create character backstories, weird little quirks, etc. You can full on slip into a completely different person, which is almost creepy.

6. You need to massively recharge after a large expenditure of social energy. And you’d prefer to do this alone.

7. You OWN the saying, “Fake it till you make it.”

8. You get a slightly weird pleasure out of convincing people you’re way more social than you actually are.

9. You’ve told people you had a crazy weekend, but “can’t really remember the details, just THAT crazy.” Translation: You got kind of drunk watching reruns of The Nanny and wondered if you’d be able to tolerate Fran Drescher in real life.

10. You can witty banter with the best of them.

11. When you find out someone else is a chatty introvert, you are so overjoyed at the prospect of someone understanding your complicated ways. Hooray! Happy day!!!

12. You feel like Jennifer Lawrence would just get you.

13. You’ve called yourself shy, and people laugh, like you’re telling another great joke…but…but…

14. You have two modes when in a completely new social circle: You either clam up, and observe, making mental notes of funny stories you can later tell. Or, you overcompensate and talk so much. You talk too much. Stop talking.

15. You are a god damn dance machine, but get kind of awkward when people try to dance with you.

16. You geek out when you discover some of your favorite actors/musicians/artists/comedians are self-identified introverts.

17. For a moment, you’ve considered maybe you ARE an extrovert.

18. Then, you come across a true extrovert and realize, nope. That’s not you.

19. You definitely enjoy being with people, but absolutely crave solitude. You really like time to yourself to just read, listen to music, generally ponder life like a mini wizard. You’re Dumbledore, able to command a room, but also chilling alone sometimes.

20. Seriously, never 4get YOU ARE DUMBLEDORE (spoiler alert though: don’t die).

21. You’ve been tasked with giving/making speeches because “you’re so comfortable with that kind of thing.”

22. Quiet introverts (quietly) reject you, claiming you are not a TRUE introvert.

23. You wonder if there’s any place you really belong. Maybe you are one of a kind. Like a snow flake, or Kanye West.

24. You can be simultaneously charming as hell, and so undeniably awkward. You’re an enigma, my friend.

25. People are surprised the first time you outwardly display serious introvert behavior. You can’t fight it all the time.

26. Though you don’t want to host the party (or even stick around for too long), you’ll definitely make an appearance, and some people might even remember your hilarious anecdotes long after the night is finished.

27. Only a select few individuals know the true you.

28. Sure, you can be somewhat complicated, but boo thang, that’s perfectly fine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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