The 10 Golden Rules Of Sugar Dating (From A Real Life Sugar Baby)

9. Manage your expectations.

It’s natural to develop romantic feelings for a sugar daddy, but keep in mind that this relationship is transactional foremost and romantic second. You might very well fall in love with each other, but you’re better off remembering that this is primarily about satisfying immediate, mutual needs. Stay open-minded without getting too attached. To keep your emotions in check, keep a journal so you can monitor the evolution of the relationship from your perspective. Ask yourself: How do I feel about him and our relationship? Am I getting everything I need? What would I do if he dumped me?

10. Always have a Plan-B.

A sugar dating relationship can end at any time, so sugar babies shouldn’t count on never-ending support from any given sugar daddy. It’s wise to avoid being 100 percent reliant on anyone. You should always have a plan B. So keep a day job or find an additional source of income, even if its in the form of another sugar daddy, and always save a percentage of your earnings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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