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When The Emotions Speak For Themselves

In the place that is physically my home, it is cold, dark, and demeaning, everything that is the opposite of the piercingly bright light that he brings into my life with his presence and connection.

I Will Never Let Someone Silence Me Again

woman in white t-shirt and blue denim jeans walking on gray concrete road during daytime

Sometimes the noise of life is overwhelming. At times I find it difficult to speak my truth and I feel guilty for allowing my own negative thoughts and the opinions of others to affect me in a way that silences my voice.

To The Boy Who Broke Me

Rain background

Even now, more than a decade later, I find the ghost of you lingering at unexpected turns. I have loved and I have opened myself to being known, and still I feel the panic rise when a man towers over me, when a man whispers in my ear, when a man lingers for too long behind me.

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