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Friendship (With A Prisoner) Can Comfort The Soul

Armed with this information, I contact an inmate. Pouring through hundreds of profiles, I find 27-year-old Derek, who shares my age. Derek is incarcerated for a string of drunk driving offenses; a crime a few of my friends could easily serve time for.

Date A Guy Who Tends Bar

Date a Guy Who Tends a Bar because he is in transition. Date him because he has some amazing ideas and is on to something great with the gumption to work late hours and salty shifts just because they are paving the way.

7 Ways To Pull Yourself Out Of A Quarter-Life Crisis

It’s an anxious period in a 20-somethings life where you’re directionless and spiritually you don’t know your head from your butt. One moment you’re breaking necks and cashing checks, the next you can’t find the initiative to construct a cheese sandwich.

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