7 Ways To Pull Yourself Out Of A Quarter-Life Crisis

Marielle Stobie
Marielle Stobie

1. Admit it sucks.  

Say it out loud; a Quarter-Life Crisis is a #BagOfDicks. It’s an anxious period in a 20-somethings life where you’re directionless and spiritually you don’t know your head from your butt. One moment you’re breaking necks and cashing checks, the next you can’t find the initiative to construct a cheese sandwich. Sure, a Quarter-Life Crisis is typically a #FirstWorldProblem but it’s your drama; just accept that IT BLOWS.

2. Reach out to older people.

Put up your hand to the folk in your life who are at least a decade or more your senior and let them know. Um, hello, I feel as though I know what to do next in life. I’m lost. Know what I’m saying? Chances are they’ve been there alright – numerous times (there will be a few of these crises, hate to break it to you). An older person can put a perspective on it that your just as screwed up peers cannot.

3. Deactivate Facebook.

Sure, there are some lovely things happening on social media, but when you’re in the grips of a Quarter-Life crisis all you’re going to see is douchecanoes getting married and imbicile receiving promotions. Shut that shit down and take a walk outside where you can be real and can’t unrealistically compare yourself to others.

4. Deal with your vices.

Overconsumption is definitely a by-product of a crisis such as this and for instant gratification you may do the dance of shopping/Jamesons/bad dates. Close your wallet, shut your legs and just sit in this painful but temporary space.

5. Change just one thing.

When you’re pulling teeth as to what to do next it’s tempting to change just about everything. Get fit. Eat right. Save for a holiday. Repaint the bathroom. Go back to school. It’s overwhelming, and not productive. Start small. I work from home and my schedule fell apart during my crisis, so I began to walk my roommate to work every day at 7am. This one little decision propelled bigger changes.

6. Deal with life a day at a time.

Where do you want to be in five years? Hell, you can’t even do your ironing! Stop asking the big questions and start dealing with your existence in tiny chunks. If you’re chained to Netflix make a deal with yourself that you’ll tidy your apartment for 10 minutes between every episode of ‘Storage Wars’. 

7. Belly laugh, daily.

Whether it’s downloading your favorite sitcom or standing on a chair and yelling “THIS IS HORSESHIT” in your best Adam Sandler voice, aim to laugh, loud and often. Some happiest people in the world are the ones who deal with adversity with a little humor. Yes, a Quarter-Life crisis is gutting, but this too shall pass (and you’ll be giggling about it in no time, I promise). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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