Date Someone Who Always Forgives You

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There’s no guarantee that you’re going to spend the rest of your life not hurting anyone. No matter how perfect you try to be, there will come a time when you will let someone down.

There will be a point in your life when you’ll become frustrated because of your bad decisions. There will be days when you won’t be able to look yourself in the mirror because you can’t forgive the person standing in front of it. There will be nights when you won’t be able to sleep because you’re too scared to face tomorrow.

It’s not going to be an easy ride and you can’t avoid bumps in the road. You can’t avoid making mistakes in life, but choose to date someone who’s going to be patient with you and your imperfections.

Date someone who’s never going to give up on you. Someone who understands your limitations and doesn’t judge you for your weaknesses. Someone who guides you to become a better person. Someone who does his or her best to help you rise up rather than watch you fall apart.

Date someone you aren’t afraid to disappoint because with them, you no longer have to prove anything. Beside them, you no longer have to worry about being somebody else. Who you are is already enough for them.

Date someone who won’t leave you despite the times you did or said something embarrassing. Date someone who’s going to run after you when you begin to doubt and walk away. Date someone who won’t go to bed without accepting your apology. Because they know how much bravery it takes to say I’m sorry. They know how hard it is to swallow your pride and admit that you’re wrong. They know the sincerity that comes along with asking for another chance.

Date someone who’s going to accept all the mess you’re carrying with you, and stay in your life. Date someone who won’t let their feelings for you fade, and will find a reason, every day, why you should be together. Date someone whom you can look at and be thankful for, knowing they love you for you.

And be mindful of everything that they’re doing for you. Be amazed by how quick they are to forgive you. Be honest with your feelings about them and don’t attempt to hide anything from them. Choose them above anything else. Make time for them the same way they’re sacrificing their time for you. And do everything that you can to let them know that they’re appreciated.

Date someone who cares about the thoughts that bother you. Someone who knows the meaning behind your silence. Someone who reaches out to you when you’re pulling yourself away from everyone.

Date someone whose one hug immediately takes away all your regrets. Someone who effortlessly calms down your mind from running like crazy. Someone who inspires you to let go of all your failures.

Date someone who doesn’t get tired of forgiving you and loving you.

And choose to be committed with them until the moment you draw your final breath. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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